Technology, key to improve diagnosis and reduce radiation to patients

The use of technology in branches such as radiology will improve the diagnostic capacity of doctors and also achieve better results with less radiation impact on patients, explained Ramón Acevedo, CEO of GE Healthcare Mexico.

Although processes such as X-rays and CT scans tend to scare some patients, the GE representative stressed that new trends are aimed at obtaining sharper images with less radiation emission.

“Thanks to all this system, the future of radiology goes this way: achieve clearer images with less radiation, and on the other hand, to give algorithms more certainty and diagnostic quality to physicians ”, he stated during his participation in the Forbes Connect Health Forum.

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Regarding the second topic, he highlighted that technology such as artificial intelligence appears in these processes through the use of algorithms applied to databases, with which images of many other patients can be compared and with this build reference parameters with which it is possible to streamline diagnosis and decision-making, even in contexts where specialists are not so close to the patient.

“In countries like ours, especially in public health systems, there is a large presence of medical professionals who are being trained and who do not necessarily have all this experience to be able to make a correct diagnostic decision in each of their patients. ”He commented.

For them, GE Healthcare has a support system so that with images collected from other patients, patterns of normality and abnormality are defined via these algorithms and the new image is compared with those of the base.

“And thus to be able to help the doctor to identify places where he should pay more attention to be able to guarantee a diagnosis for each patient, they are additional expert eyes for each doctor supporting decision making,” he said.

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