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Do you have a leash ? Do you know what you bought is really original? Try it for yourself. The company has shown its new smart band a few weeks ago, it is the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. While we wait for it to arrive little by little in the region, the .

The It is not only sold in a variety of Mi Store centers, but also in retails and electronic markets. Many of them have certification, but others do not have valuation.

How do I recognize between an original and a fake? In order to carry out these differences we have taken as an example the details offered .

The source shows a series of differences between a real Xiaomi bracelet versus a fake one and the results are quite surprising.


  • The first of them is to see the price of the Xiaomi Mi band 4 bracelet before buying it. If you see a fairly cheap cost, always doubt it. To do this, it uses the comments left by users, and if they are mostly negative, then go to the next offer.
  • The second is that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes in a rather elongated box, unlike its clone that arrives in a much smaller box and has the name “Smart bracelet”.
The product box is clearly different. Here you can see which is the fake and true Xiaomi Mi Band 4. (Photo: gizchina)
  • While the capsules may look the same from the front, they are not CE certified from behind.
Another detail is on the screen and on the back of the bracelet.  (Photo: gizchina)
Another detail is on the screen and on the back of the bracelet. (Photo: gizchina)
  • The heart rate sensor is also located differently.
  • If you turn on the screen, the original will have a color display, while the clone will be in black and white.


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