Teen arrested on suspicion of raping a girl

The Polifalcón press room reported this Friday # 29Ene through a press bulletin, the capture by officials attached to the Police Coordination Center No. 7, in Los Taques, of an adolescent whose only name was known as Ángel ( 13), who is alleged to have raped a three-year-old girl.

The police report indicated that the fact was known on Thursday night, when the doctors of the Gustavo Otero rural outpatient clinic gave notice to the police officers about the entry of the infant with apparent signs of an alleged violation.

Upon learning the information, a Polifalcón commission traveled to the hospital. They managed to interview one of their parents who denounced the incident and indicated the address of the adolescent to whom the incident is attributed, without offering further details about it.

The officials went to the residence of the minor where they located a panty, a boxer and two sheets, which they took as evidence. The case was referred to the order of the XIII Prosecutor with criminal responsibility in boys, girls and adolescents.

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