Teenager could be tried as an adult in Florida for sexual assault against women

Miami. A second woman reported having been the victim of a 14-year-old boy already accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Hollywood (southeast Florida), local media reported.

Terry Berger Smith, who appeared in juvenile court for the first time since his arrest Tuesday, was charged with sexually assaulting and beating a woman who was walking to work early in the morning.

After reporting the incident, the police published an image of the aggressor taken by the security cameras so that “the community knew and the women in the area were alert” and that allowed his arrest last Monday at his home in Hollywood.

On Tuesday it was learned that another woman had previously reported to the police a similar assault attempt allegedly perpetrated by the teenager, according to the Miami television channel 7.

The woman, who lives in the same building as the detainee, said that one day in late May when she was going up the stairs towards her apartment she noticed someone behind her.

When she turned to see who it was, she ran into the now accused who grabbed her by the neck, but managed to escape by elbowing her and yelling at the top of her lungs to alert the neighborhood.

According to channel 7, the Prosecutor’s Office has requested a 21-day detention period both to determine whether Smith is tried before the ordinary or juvenile courts and to avoid contact with his alleged victims and their families.

The decision on the type of trial to which he will be subjected will be made at a hearing on June 27.

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