Tel Aviv lights its city hall with the Lebanese flag in solidarity

The City Council of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv It was lit up this Wednesday in the colors of the Lebanese flag, as a sign of solidarity after yesterday’s explosion in the port of Beirut, which caused more than a hundred deaths and at least 4,000 injuries.

It is not surprising that the Tel Aviv City Hall building is lit up in the colors of a country affected by a disaster or in congratulation for some important achievement. In recent months, the facade of the consistory was dyed with the colors of the flags of Italy, Spain or China, when these countries were at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tonight the flag projected on the building located in front of the iconic Plaza Rabin was that of Lebanon, a old enemy from Israel with which does not have diplomatic relations. “Humanity comes before any conflict and our hearts go out to the Lebanese people after this terrible disaster,” said the mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldaí, en la red social Twitter.

Not liked right

At 8:00 p.m. local time the building has been stained in red and white, along with the green that symbolizes the Lebanese cedar. The gesture some politicians on the Israeli right didn’t like it, such as the former Justice minister and deputy of the Yamina party Ayelet Shaked, who criticized the display of the flag of “an enemy state” in Israel, which, in his opinion, is “the world turned upside down”. Also the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Rafi Peretz, he considered that lighting the heart of Tel Aviv with the Lebanese flag is “morally questionable”.

Last night, a few hours after the explosion in Beirut, several Israeli politicians expressed their solidarity with the neighboring country and reported that the Government offered humanitarian medical aid through international diplomatic channels. Hospitals in northern Israel near the Lebanese border this morning offered to treat some of the thousands wounded by the blast.


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