Telebasel contribution triggers a wave of solidarity for farm animals

Since Telebasel contribution on Sunday Daniel Quenet receives various offers of help. He should have vacated his farm in Beinwil by last Friday because the owner canceled his lease. Since he has no successor solution, he stayed with his animals. He is now threatened with eviction and his animals with emergency slaughter.

Various offers of help

In the past few days, the Telebasel editorial team and him directly have received various offers of help. Daniel Quenet could hardly believe what a wave of solidarity hits him: «I want to thank everyone». The offers come from private individuals and institutions in the region, from the other side of the Jura and even from Eastern Switzerland.

Kangaroo rearing in Nenzlingen offers help

One example among many is Jeannette Egli’s offer of help. Together with her husband, she runs a rearing station for kangaroos and a sanctuary for exotic animals. As part of the Starlight circus ensemble, she took on circus animals more than 30 years ago when it was decided not to take them on tour anymore. Today’s rescue center in Nenzlingen emerged from this commitment.
Jeannette Egli is networked with various animal rights activists and animal shelters across Switzerland. She would therefore very much like to work to ensure that the animals from Beinwil get a new place. When she heard that the animals might have to be slaughtered in an emergency, she immediately decided to help. She is always on the spot if she only hears this word.
We passed Egli’s offer on to Daniel Quenet. He is currently examining the various support offers.

Hope for a new farm remains

He is reassured that his animals are now probably saved. But he would prefer to find a new farm so that he could continue to live with his animals. A couple of friends even offered him to run such a homestead with him. He is open to look at courtyards within an hour’s drive around Basel. If the offers come from further away, he would first have to clarify whether he could change the job. He currently works as a parcel postman in the Basel area.

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