Telecable Gijn beats Merignac

Telecable Gijón met the forecast, thrashed the French Merignac and approaches the final four of the European Cup. The French team, aware of its inferiority, closed from the beginning on its goal trying to avoid the Gijón game, but the Telecable made a pressure on the entire field that caused losses of the rivals and constant attacks that caused the French goalkeeper to have busy. The Merginac held 7 minutes that was the ones that the Telecable Gijón needed to get ahead on the scoreboard through Nuria Obeso, who recovered from his discomfort and was able to play. Not so Vanessa Daribo, to which Fernando Sierra gave rest.

The second goal came after a clear penalty that Natasha Lee did not forgive and shortly after an assistance of this player on the young Rebeca Gonzalez, who beat the rival goalkeeper marking what was her first goal in a European competition, supposed 3-0 with which the first part ended.

In the restart, Telecable Gijón soon extended the advantage with two goals from Sara Roces, who would eventually become the top scorer with three goals. The second part was a monologue of the gijonesas who continued to score goals and expand the advantage, which led to coach Fernando Sierra moving the bench a lot giving entry to the entire squad. Another young player, Sara Fernández, was making her European Cup debut.

In the absence of 10 minutes and with 8-0 on the scoreboard, Merignac achieved both the honor by transforming a direct foul. The gijonesas still had time for one last goal scored by Nuria Obeso, who opened and closed the score. The next European match will be on January 25 against the Palau.


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