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Updated on 01/14/2021 19:27

We will now tell you how to find out which of your contacts have Telegram. From today, you will be able to know which contacts on your mobile phone are using the app, and thus be able to make an informed decision about it. The announcement of the new WhatsApp security conditions prompted millions of disgruntled users to migrate to Telegram.

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It’s a fairly straightforward process to do on your smartphone. What will essentially be done is allow Telegram to have access to your cell phone contacts. When you do, those contacts will be imported into the app and those that have an account created will appear. It’s important to know that this works when you start using the app and haven’t integrated any contacts into it yet.

How to know which contacts have Telegram

The step by step below is for Android system, although the procedure works for iOS system as well. There may be only a few small changes in the app interface.

Step 1: What we’re going to do is allow Telegram to access our contacts. To do this, open the application menu. Inside, click on the option Settings to access the telegram parameters.

2nd step: Once in the Settings option, click on the option Privacy and Security, since access to your contacts is linked to it.

Step 3: In the privacy options, scroll down until you reach the Synchronize contacts, and activate it. By doing so, you will allow the application to access your mobile phone contacts.

What we're going to do is allow Telegram to access your contacts.  (Photo: Mag)What we’re going to do is allow Telegram to access your contacts. (Photo: Mag)

Step 4: Open the app menu again and click on the option Contacts that seems the second to you. It works to access the contacts you have on Telegram.

Step 5: If this is the first time you are doing this, Telegram will ask you for permission to access your cell phone contacts, because even if you have granted it in the app, it will still have to request them through the system. Android or iOS authorization. Here you have to give them so that they can be seen again later.

And it’s ready! Now in the contact list you will have all those that were on your cell phone.

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