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The instant messaging platform Telegram announced on its official blog a series of changes that the application will have, among which is that It will no longer be compatible with some cell phone operating systems.

In recent months, the app has become one of the most downloaded in the world, surpassing more than 500 million users worldwide.

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Through a publication, the application indicated that due to new modifications in the platform very old versions of Android and iOS They will no longer be able to download the platform or access its updates.

The company created in 2013 pointed out that mobile devices that have an operating system Android with version 4.1 or lower will not be able to access the application.

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On the other hand, Telegram will not work on Apple phones that have an operating system lower than iOS9.

Among the smart phones among which the application will stop working are the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3S and iPhone 3GS. Likewise, in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, the Xperia S and the Galaxy Nexus.

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