Telegram will facilitate the migration of WhatsApp chats to your service

January 29, 2021 9:44 am













Telegram is one of the Applications of Messenger service that users of Whatsapp have chosen as alternative destination after the controversies arising from their changes of politics, and to facilitate the migration of chats, is working on a new tool that will simplify the process.

Version of Telegram v7.4 for iOS has shown mentions of the tool migration, to which you have had access 9to5Mac before a second update removed them. Still under development, the tool will allow to pass data to Telegram of applications like Whatsapp, Line and KakaoTalk, among other.

To export the data, users of WhatsApp you will find within each of the conversations, in the settings, an option to export the chat individually. The generated file can be taken to Telegram through Share Sheet, as explained in the aforementioned portal. So Telegram will ask to which contact or group you want to link that conversation, and the migration.

In 9to5Mac point out that some users may still see the option to import chats from WhatsApp and other services after updating to the latest version of Telegram, but it doesn’t seem to be available to everyone at the moment.

The founder of Telegram, Pavel durov, reported on January 12, 2021 that the service exceeded the 500 million active users, after 25 million users joined the platform in the previous 72 hours, following the announcement of WhatsApp of a change in their politics, which they had to accept to continue using the app.


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