Télévie: Alison moves the Bel RTL team with a MAGNIFICENT speech for her mother suffering from cancer (video)

The 33rd edition of Télévie, RTL Belgium’s fundraising operation for the benefit of the Scientific Research Fund (FNRS) to help the fight against leukemia and cancer, ends this Saturday evening. All morning, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Télévie remains true to its history with the auctioning of the legendary Gold Records on Bel RTL and RTL TVI. With at the helm, a Christian De Paepe more determined than ever to make 2021 an exceptional year of generosity and emotion!

The counter was triggered Friday evening at 7 p.m. Your donations for the benefit of the Scientific Research Fund (FNRS) to help the fight against leukemia and cancer are precious to raise this counter. The traditional auction of gold records started at 9 a.m. on Bel RTL this Saturday, the closing day of Télévie. That of Johnny Hallyday, for his album “Rester Vivant”, was sold at … 251,800 euros! If this is not a record, the sum is very good.

The generous donor is Alison. She shared her jackpot with her friend François who had already offered a more than large sum last year at the gold record auction since he had broken all records by offering 400,000 euros for “Brol” by Angèle. If usually François gives a moving speech before announcing the amount of his donation, today he made a point of giving the floor to Alison, he explains: “I’ve always expressed my gratitude and admiration for the heroes and heroines in white coats who are always around to heal and save lives. And number 2, Alison, is one of those heroines. And she has a message. to pass on today“.

After her magnificent speech which moved Bel RTL hosts to tears, Alison announced to offer 251,800 euros for Johnny’s gold record. A joint pot with his friend François. This touching story even made Laeticia Hallyday react, who was very moved by this story. Contacted by our journalist Amélie Schildt, Laeticia Hallyday said she was very touched. “It brings tears to my eyes. It’s a very moving story “, she confided.


“There was a time when I smiled, I had fun, I enjoyed life. After 4 years of studies, I became a nurse, the most beautiful job in the world, the one I had chosen, my passion. It was June 24, 2018, I was happy, you were happy. After enjoying my last summer vacation, I started working life. Then came this day, barely a month later, October 11, 2018, that date I’ll never forget, where I knew our life was going to change, where everything fell apart.It’s so unfair, why is it happening to you mom, you who already have so much suffered in the past You are so wonderful, a ‘mother-in-law’.

You gave us so much. Unhappiness, fear and suffering should be banished from our lives. And yet, I’m scared mom. I’m scared for you, scared of what might happen to you. From the top of my 26 years, I’m afraid to find myself without you by my side. I still need you so much. I would love to have the chance to grow old, or rather to grow up with you. You still have so much to teach me. You are not only my model, you are my pillar. You are and will remain the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. It’s been 3 years soon since I preferred to put my life aside to enjoy every moment, every minute with you. Take care of you like you took care of me.

There is only one mom and we must not waste the precious moments we have with her. Especially when you have a mom as extraordinary as you. I chose to put my social and also love life aside, to work part-time, to have fewer resources therefore. But you mustn’t blame yourself mom. I am solely responsible for my choices. I do not regret them, quite the contrary. If I were given the chance to keep you for years to come, I would make the exact same decision. I will sacrifice my whole life if given the opportunity. When you think about it, I’m not depriving myself of my life mom, since my life is you. I only do my work as a girl, in any case I try to do it as well as possible.

You are a fighter mom, a warrior, a superheroine … you have much more strength than me. It takes strength to face this fight, the chemo, the suffering, the pain, the radiotherapy, the septic shocks, you survived all that with indefinable courage. You went through all the possible treatments … even the doctors repeatedly asked you to stop everything. You always refused, you wanted to fight for us, your 3 daughters. I am so proud of you mom.

At the moment, you have stopped the treatment. Not by choice, but because it no longer works. I’m not giving up hope mom, you missed so much. Research continues to advance. You were sometimes alone in the hospital, you were only entitled to an hour’s visit during this nasty covid crisis. Many complained about not being able to party and did it anyway. During this time, I was alone at home, with my anxieties and this feeling of leaving you there without knowing if you were going to come back. The main thing now, mom, is to make you happy, to take advantage of the time we have left together. I would like so much that you are present at my wedding, at the birth of my children if one day I have the chance to know all that.

I would like to thank the researchers, the Télévie teams, the volunteers, the animators, the journalists. It’s partly thanks to you that Mom is always by my side. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. But the fight is not won, it must be continued, we can all one day be confronted with that. We are all concerned, so we must donate for research and make a living. Each year, I made my donation of 50 euros. The covid crisis pushed me to do something bigger because I know how difficult it is going to be to raise money this year. I want to donate, and while it won’t be useful to Mom, I know it could help many other people. We must be united.

Since the last Télévie, and despite my part-time job, I decided that each month I was going to save the sum of 150 euros in order to arrive at a total of 1,800 euros that I add to François’ pot and his friends, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart. The choice of this disc is not trivial mom, it is about Johnny, your idol since always. François does us the honor of offering you this record. Take a good look at the title mom, (editor’s note, “Stay Alive”) Johnny from up there is surely sending you a message.

Mom, I know you are listening to me in the next room, and surely you are crying like a madeleine, but I just wanted to tell you in front of thousands of people that you are and will remain the most awesome moms. And that I love you more than anything in the world. Johnny is your idol, you are mine. ”

This 33rd edition of Télévie is sponsored by French actor and singer Julien Doré. Last year, the campaign raised 10.5 million euros. More than 198 million euros have been collected since 1989.

How to make a donation?

To reach the Promises Center, which will be open all week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., simply dial the free number 0800/98 800.

It is also possible to make a pledge on the site “Televie.be“.

Or by text message: dial 8000 then enter your account number, then a space, then the chosen amount. A tax deduction is possible from 40 € of donation.

Remember that half of cancer research funds in French-speaking Belgium come from Télévie. 209,545,154 euros collected and donated to research since 1989. More than 200 researchers are funded by Télévie. Every year, 70,000 people learn they have cancer.

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