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Updated 11/27/2020 at 6:59 PM

Allisson Lozz was one of the members of the telenovela Rebel of Televisa and that now it has returned to make the news when confirming that it could go blind by a disease that afflicts it for years.

In 2004, Televisa had one of its greatest successes, the youth telenovela, Rebel, the same one that allowed most of its protagonists to achieve international fame and recognition.

Allisson Lozz Now 28 years old, she has shocked her followers by reporting that she would go blind. She says that as a child she was told that she would lose her sight little by little and recently doctors have confirmed that it will not be possible to operate on her, so she could go blind.

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In 2004 while performing alongside Diego Boneta, Anahí, Dulce María and Mayte Perroni, he became one of the most popular youth stars in Mexico, but Allisson He was dealing with problems in his vision that until now, traditional medicine has not been able to solve.

Nowadays This retirement from acting, leads a life away from the cameras dedicating herself to her family and only has contact with her followers through her Instagram account. It is precisely this medium that he used to explain to his fans the condition he has been facing since the second grade of primary school.


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