Television – Death of Granville Adams, seen in the cult series “Oz”

American actor Granville Adams died at the age of 58 from cancer, his relatives announced Sunday (October 10) via social networks. He was mainly known for his role as Zahir Arif in “Oz”. Created by Tom Fontana and broadcast on HBO from 1997 to 2003 (on M6 in 2002), the series focused on an experimental section of a prison supposed to improve the lives of inmates, but utopia would quickly turn into a nightmare. With its ubiquitous scenes of sex and violence, “Oz” gained cult status and paved the way for “Sopranos” and “Six Feet Under”. She notably revealed Christopher Meloni, Edie Falco and JK Simons.

Showrunner Tom Fontana shared a snap of Granville Adams in his character as Zahir Arif with this caption: “Good night, sweet prince / and the flights of angels sing to you for your rest”. A quote from William Shakespeare.

Dean Winters, who played the character of Ryan O’Reily in “Oz”, paid tribute to him on Instagram in these terms: “His smile was infectious, as was his laughter. He never, ever said anything bad about anyone and I challenge anyone who knew him to say anything negative about this man. Granville was loved, that’s it (…) You are my brother and I have been a better person since we met. ”

In January, Tom Fontana and Dean Winters launched an online jackpot to help Granville Adams with expensive cancer medical care. The actor had also appeared in the series “Homicide” and “Empire”. More than 100,000 dollars (93,000 francs) had been collected.

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