Teleworking can be dangerous for health, according to a study conducted by a Sarthois

Presented as a modern and innovative solution to pursue its activity during the health crisis, telecommuting can also be dangerous for employee health.

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by the Sarthois Sébastien Vaumoron, consultant in psycho-social risks and quality of life at work.

Deceptive sense of well-being

Most of the people who responded to this study were very satisfied with teleworking, but alongside that we see degradation of health elements“, begins Sebastien Vaumoron.

It can be a decrease in sleep time, an increase in the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, coffee. People sleep less well, musculoskeletal disorders like back pain or in joints increase“, he continues.

The study shows that the more employees are satisfied with teleworking, the more these risk factors increase, it is very paradoxical. This feeling of apparent well-being with teleworking is often linked to the transport time saved, for example“, explains Sébastien Vaumoron.

What good practices for teleworking?

With this second confinement, recourse to teleworking is again important, and is likely to last in the weeks and months to come.

In order not to damage his health, Sébastien Vaumoron has some advice. “It is absolutely necessary to respect the rhythm of sleep. The fact of having less time of transport should not encourage us to go to bed later.“, he begins.

“You have to know how to cut. We have a right to disconnect in France, but it is a duty to disconnect when we talk about health, it is very important not to let work invade our private sphere“, continues Sébastien Vaumoron.

In addition, it is important to curb your consumption of cigarettes, coffee, alcohol. Everything is simpler when we are at home, we will tend to light another cigarette more easily“, warns Mr. Vaumoron.

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