Tell me where the pollen is

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Wif he has hay fever, it will be particularly difficult this year. Allergy sufferers are not only affected by the many pollen that are currently buzzing in the air: they get outraged looks at the supermarket checkout, with every sneeze attack people hurry aside. Anyone who sniffs and coughs is immediately suspected of carrying the virus. Social allergy follows social distance for allergy sufferers.

Precise pollen flight forecasts would be helpful for those who are afflicted, but so far the pollen count has only been vaguely estimated. Real-time data, as known from the weather forecast, does not exist. A variety of apps pretend they are safe, but their hit rate is terrifyingly bad and often not much better than flipping a coin. The actual pollen measurement lags behind days and is laboriously read by hand – nobody knows what is actually flying around outside.



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