Temporada Alta offered four shows that had to be in person in virtual format

The Temporada Alta festival has recorded four shows that had to be seen in person and will offer them within the ‘Distance’ program. On the one hand there are the dance co-productions ‘Sonoma’ and ‘Hidden’, which are included in the cross-border project Pyrenart. In addition, you can also see virtually ‘Teatro Amazonas’ by Laida Azkona from Navarre and the Chilean Txalo Toloza. Finally, the festival will also offer ‘That’s the story of my life’ through the virtual catalog. In parallel, the festival has rescheduled up to 12 functions that could not be performed during health restrictions during December. Of note is the premiere in Catalonia of the video montage ‘Personalien’ by Albert Serra on 4, 5 and 6 December.

With a view to the reopening of the theaters, initially scheduled for next Monday, the Temporada Alta festival announced this Tuesday that it will finally offer four shows that were to be performed in Girona theaters in virtual format. The impossibility of finding a new date has forced the companies to record their show and post it in the festival catalog so that the public can follow it virtually.

The dance co-productions ‘Sonoma’ and ‘Hidden’ are two of the shows affected. Both are part of the Pyrenarts project. The first is the new creation of the company la Veronal, directed by Marcos Morau. It is a show that recovers that inspiration in Buñuel to highlight the hypnotic movements and aesthetics reminiscent of old cultures. ‘Sonoma’ will be available from Sunday 22 November at a price of 3 euros.

On the other hand, ‘Hidden’ is the new proposal by choreographer Lali Ayguadé and closes her trilogy on identity. In this installment, Ayguadé will try to show how social canons end up imposing our identity, especially with the explosion of social networks. ‘Hidden’ will be on view virtually from Thursday 19 November until the end of the festival.

The Navarrese Laida Azkona and the Chilean Txalo Toloza have also moved to the virtual space to show ‘Teatro Amazonas’, the third part of the documentary theater about the exploitation of the Amazon rainforest. Finally, ‘That’s the story of my life’ is the first show where Macarena Recuerda evokes his life and that in this festival will also have to be seen virtually due to health restrictions.

Reprogramming of 12 shows

In parallel, the festival maintains its face-to-face programming, which will be reinforced during the first fortnight of December with some of the shows that have been postponed pending the reopening of the theaters. Last week, the new dates were announced for the presentation of Sílvia Pérez Cruz’s new album (December 12 and 22) and for the premiere of Jordi Prat’s new creation, ‘M’haurieu de pagar’ ( December 19). Now, for the first weekend of the month, Albert Serra’s new video montage, ‘Personalien’, is expected to be released in Catalonia. It will take place in the attic of the Coma-Cros factory.

On 12 and 13 December, the lounge of the Teatre Municipal de Girona will host ‘Corpus’, by Xavier Bobés. On the other hand, the installation of the Count of Torrefiel, ‘It breathes in the garden like a forest’ can be visited at the cultural center of La Mercè de Girona on 5 and 6 December.

The dance co-production ‘Inventions’, by Mal Pelo, can be seen on 18 and 19 at the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and the work of David Selvas and Empar Moliner, ‘I love you if I drank’ will be on 18 December in Torroella de Montgrí (Baix Empordà). ‘La Molly Bloom’ by Jan Lauwers and Viviane by Muynck was scheduled for this weekend, but will finally take place on December 11 and 12 at the Salt Theater.


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