Ten (10) Cases on the Roll With nine (09) Accused of various crimes

Tambacounda / Criminal Chamber: Ten (10) Cases on the Roll With nine (09) Accused of various crimes

The last session of the criminal chamber of the year 2020 opens this Wednesday at the Tambacounda District Court and will end on Friday, December 11, 2020.

Ten cases are on the roll, the first of which concerns the double murder of Diamwelly. Here, the accused is none other than AD considered by his family to be mentally retarded.

Another is prosecuted for the offenses and crimes of murder, possession of a weapon without administrative authorization. The only AD woman in this criminal chamber hearing is accused of infanticide. She has been under a committal warrant since October 22, 2019.

The other six defendants are being prosecuted for domestic or international drug trafficking and smuggling of prohibited goods.

For this current session, drug trafficking is at the heart of these hearings in this criminal chamber.

Of the ten cases entered on the roll, the eight concern drug trafficking, ie 80% of the cases that will be judged.

Lawyers have been appointed to defend the accused.

Author: Dialy Ibrahima Diébakhaté (correspondent (Kédougou) – Seneweb.com


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