ten days in an SAS, Thanksgiving turkey will be eaten solo

We would have done well on the Clippers and Batum clan side, but unfortunately life has been like that for almost two years. Ten days of isolation for Nicolas Batum, who entered the COVID protocol yesterday and who will therefore have to watch the friends on TV get rid of the Mavs, the Pistons, the Warriors, the Pels and probably the Kings.

Not a disaster, but it pisses off anyway, my god they are vulgar. Author of a good start to the season with the Clippers, in cordial agreement with his shoot and his responsibilities in Los Angeles, Nicolas Batum therefore sees his dynamic shattered by the FC COVID and its mandatory restrictions. Shams Charania has his entries at the Ministry of Health and tweeted the breaking yesterday evening, shortly after we had the chance to enjoy the presence of Amir Coffey in the starting five of Tyronn Lue.

Not a sea to drink therefore, for a group which recently recovered the remains of Serge Ibaka, but an absence which will be detrimental for the Clippers as Nicolas Batum is this season still an essential cog in his team. Emmanuel Moire made you his essential, Nico has made himself essential, long live the essential oils, this paragraph starts off in peanuts so let’s get back to our sheep: Nico’s absence for ten days and a T-Lue who will have to draw a little from his rotations for two big games (Warriors and Mavs) and three friendlies against the Pels, Pistons and Kings. Not the first nor the last to go through the protocol box but a very bad lease since the Nic probably won’t be able to do anything other than watch reality TV at home, shit, maybe the worst news.

Ten days to recover, not even in fact because he is already in good shape, rather ten days to manage not to get bored and get back in shape to tackle the pre-Christmas run, the one where we send beautiful letters to the Santa Claus. Nico has already sent him his, and at the top of the list to prevent foreign postilions from entering his circle of intimacy. Come on Nico, be patient and come back to us soon!

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