Ten priests have already died in Castilla y León due to the coronavirus

A total of ten priests linked to the different dioceses of Castilla y León have already lost their lives since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, sources from the religious institution informed Ep.

Valladolid is the one that brings together the highest number of victims, with a total of five deceased priests linked throughout their lives with the Archdiocese of Valladolid.

The first deaths occurred in the person of Fernando Martín, died at 92 in Majadahonda (Madrid), ordained in Salamanca and rector of the Valladolid Seminary between 68 and 76, as well as José Guerra, who died in Zamora after serving the function of parish priest of Alaejos y Sieteiglesias.

To their deaths are added, more recently in the capital of Pisuerga, those of Antonio Sanz del Valle and Daniel Redondo Redondo, both residents in Valladolid, the first who was the parish priest of Tamariz and the second – he was not a diocesan but an operator – parish priest in solidum in the parish of Santa Teresa, as well as that of Germán García González, who before moving already ill to the Priestly Residence of Palencia, where he died over the weekend, was in the Franciscan parish of Paseo de Zorrilla.

León and Palencia
In addition, León has two deceased religious; Zamora records the death in Madrid of José Antonio Mostaza, and in Palencia, in addition to the aforementioned Germán García González also linked to Valladolid, there are David García Martín, retired in 2012 and who was parish priest in Velilla del Río Carrión and the parish of San Antonio from the Palencia capital, as well as Alberto Ruiz Lanchares, pastor in his day of Frómista and librarian of the Major Seminary.

In addition, four other affected religious are admitted to Palencia, while another twenty are quarantined in the Priestly House. The bishop himself, Manuel Herrero, also contracted Covid-19 but has already been discharged.

In the case of Salamanca, no fatal victim has been recorded since the pastor for half a century of La Purísima, Fructuoso Mangas, affected by coronavirus, died of a stroke.

In this province, the bishop, Carlos López, was also infected by the virus and after remaining hospitalized, he is now in the Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca.

Soria, Segovia, Burgos and Ávila have not suffered casualties among their priests as a direct consequence of the pandemic. .

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