Ten-year classic ushered in the “final chapter” “Hotel Elf 4” is scheduled to be released on April 3

Ten-year classic ushered in the “final chapter” “Hotel Elf 4” is scheduled to be released on April 3

2022-03-08 20:40:38Source: Xi’an News Network

Today, the final chapter of the series of popular animated films produced by Sony Animation, “Hotel Spirit 4: Transforming Adventure” officially announced that it will be released on April 3. The reporter learned from the film that, as the finale of the entire “Elf Hotel” series, “Elf Hotel 4: Transformation Adventure” will continue to bring joy to the audience, and this time, all members of the Elf family will transform for the first time, and the release will be super fun. The final chapter off.

Since its official meeting with the audience in 2012, the “Hotel Elf” series of films has gained countless die-hard fans around the world with its brain-opening character settings, dynamic music, and joyful and funny storylines. 100 million yuan at the box office and a global box office of over 1.3 billion US dollars. In the past ten years, the elf family has continuously welcomed new members and new changes, accompanying the audience to grow together.

The reporter learned from the film that the upcoming “Hotel Inn 4: Transformation Adventure” is also the final chapter of the series. The film tells a whole new story with a richer imagination. All members of the elf family not only have to face the unprecedented transformation of Oolong, but also have to accept the big test of tacit understanding in the adventure journey. They have experienced various unexpected levels along the way, which can be said to have started a joyful and crazy journey. In addition, the Dracula family is about to face a turning point in their family relationship. Will the new experience of identity reversal change the relationship between this pair of enemies and husband-in-law? Will the Elf Hotel successfully usher in a new look? Also very exciting.

Today, the filmmakers also released a trailer for the film. In the trailer, the majestic castle baron Dracula turned into an unhappy uncle; Johnny became a dashing raptor; Frankenstein became a handsome man; the popular Jelly Monster really became a jelly this time… In addition , The “invisible man” who has been mysterious in the previous works of the series appeared for the first time, and his true face surprised the elf family.

In addition to the interesting stories that people are looking forward to, the behind-the-scenes team of “Hotel Elf 4: Transformation Adventure” is also strong: directed by Derek Delemon, Jennifer Kruska, Amos Vernon, Nuo Zio Randazzo, Gendy Tartakovsky served as screenwriters, Brian Hall, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Katherine Hahn and many others Ka contributes to the role.

Liu Ziyue, an intern of Sun Huan, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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