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Original title: Tencent Nintendo Switch participated in the International Game Innovation Conference

The 2021 Beijing International Game Innovation Conference, with the theme of “Innovation · Leading · Integration”, was held in Haidian District from September 24 to 26. With the title “Recognizing Games”, it showcased the social value of games beyond “entertainment”. Tencent introduced Nintendo Switch™ to participate in the exhibition with four games “Fitness Ring Adventure”, “Super Mario Party”, “Hot Punch 2” and “Dr. Kawashima Brain Training”, hoping to participate in sports fitness, interactive social networking, puzzles, etc. Bring a whole new experience to the audience.

Tencent introduces innovative features of Nintendo Switch™

Nintendo Switch™ is a new-generation game console developed by Nintendo of Japan. It innovatively combines the console and the handheld, which can be switched in different situations to meet a variety of leisure and entertainment needs. The removable Joy-Con™ handle has built-in “acceleration sensor” and “gyro sensor”, which can recognize the movement and strength of various parts of the body. The right Joy-Con™ handle also has a “motion-sensitive infrared camera”. Can read the shape, movement and distance of the object. Through these functions, various types of somatosensory games are made possible, bringing players the Nintendo-style game fun of “switching as you like and playing together”.

Tencent uses its own technological Internet and social platform advantages to provide a number of unique localized services for Bank of China Nintendo Switch users, including allowing Bank of China users to purchase games in the built-in “Nintendo e store” through WeChat Pay. The WeChat Mini Program can conveniently record your own sports (game) data and share it with relatives and friends at any time.

In addition, Tencent has also developed a WeChat applet for parents or guardians of the “Monitoring and Management Nintendo Switch Dedicated” WeChat Mini Program, which is convenient for parents to manage the game content, play time, available functions and game consumption of minors, and help children develop a healthy game view.

Tencent introduces Nintendo Switch™

Four innovative game play methods, make you fun and healthy

“Fitness Ring Adventure” through special accessories Ring-Con™ and leg straps with handles, can fully recognize and monitor the user’s actual sports movements, and transform them into the actions of the game characters for exploration and adventure in the game world. This kind of somatosensory interaction design innovatively realizes the “gamification” of fitness gameplay, enabling players to exercise happily and develop healthy lifestyle habits. As a brand new home exercise method, it has also won CCTV and other categories. Media reports and recognition, social media responded enthusiastically.

Tencent introduces Nintendo Switch™ game “Fitness Ring Adventure”

“Super Mario Party” is a multiplayer party game that makes full use of the sharing controller and somatosensory functions. Anyone can easily play 3 major modes and up to 80 fun games. You can play with family and friends. In the lively and joyful party new gameplay, there are more intimate interactions, creating common joyful memories, and portraying a new picture of leisure and entertainment in the living room.

Tencent introduces Nintendo Switch™ game “Super Mario Party”

There are two other games in preparation, “Hot Punch 2” and “Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Exercise”. The former is a somatosensory boxing sports game. As long as you hold the handle, you can follow the dynamic music and rhythm in the game to perform punching, squatting and other actions. Through the training of a virtual coach, you can become a “boxing master” step by step without extra Fitness equipment, use games to happily complete the whole body exercise at home, sweat and release stress! The latter is a puzzle game jointly developed by Nintendo and Ryota Kawashima, a doctor of neuroscience at Tohoku University. The “motion-sensing infrared camera” on the right handle can be used to recognize hand gestures such as boxing. Coordinated coordination exercises, as well as a series of exercises such as reaction ability, memory, calculation ability, etc., to achieve the purpose of daily activation of the corresponding areas of the brain and improve its functions. At the same time, it also created more opportunities to communicate with family members, better understand their physical and mental health, care for their families, and create a harmonious family atmosphere.

Nintendo Switch™ games “Hot Punch 2” and “Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training”

By introducing Nintendo Switch, Tencent allows more Chinese consumers to experience the happiness and infinite possibilities of “enjoying and connecting with each other”, making games an important bridge for communication between relatives and friends, using innovative ways to improve physical and mental health and promote emotions comminicate.Return to Sohu to see more


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