tens of thousands of Belgians will not touch it, “we are aware of this problem…”

The basic gas-electricity package at 196 euros per month will not be granted for this month of November for everyone and will therefore be doubled in December, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo confirmed at the start of the month, on the airwaves of La First. “There are technical difficulties in implementing it with some of the suppliers. The check itself will be from December, so a month later, but the total amount will be the same, “said the head of the federal government, concerning this task which falls to the operators.

But the Prime Minister’s Office has clarified that some people could take advantage of these benefits as early as November. Indeed, it depends on the suppliers and their speed in adapting to the system. Engie has, for example, undertaken to put everything in place so that this can be seen from this month on its customers’ bills.

As a reminder, faced with the energy price crisis, the government notably decided last September to grant households that meet the conditions provided for a basic energy package for the months of November and December 2022 for gas ( 135 euros/month) and electricity (61 euros/month). When drawing up the 2023-2024 budget last month, the government had also decided to extend these bonuses until March 2023, “i.e. nearly 1,000 euros in total”.

What about small independents?

Roberto deplores the fact that he will not receive this famous bonus. The reason ? He is independent and lives in the same building as his hair salon. He complains to HBVL: “I only have one energy meter for my business and my house. So I can’t get the energy bonus (…) I have to live somewhere, right? I didn’t get the heating bonus of 100 euros either. I courageously resigned myself to this. But now, it is the same for the energy bonus? It’s too much. I also pay ordinary taxes on my private consumption. It is not fair ! “.

The hairdresser is not the only one in this case. According to Unizo, the Union of Independent Entrepreneurs, there are tens of thousands of small independents who live above or in their business. They will therefore not receive the bonus of 196 euros. Our Flemish colleagues questioned the Minister for the Independents David Clarinval on this subject. The Liberal indicates that no agreement has been reached for the moment: “We are aware of this problem and we raised it in the Council of Ministers. We are working on it “.

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