Tense exchange between Amandine Petit and Chris Marques in DALS: “I think she is not happy” | TV

A hard blow for Amandine Petit and her partner Anthony Colette. This Friday, October 7, after a month of competition, the duo was finally eliminated from the famous show “Dancing with the stars”. Despite the advice of prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot, their performance did not convince the members of the jury, who preferred to save Stéphane Legar, Florent Peyre and Anggun. The jurors notably criticized the ex-Miss France for a certain stiffness and a lack of letting go.

Amandine Petit’s disappointment at the announcement of her elimination was so palpable that Chris Marques tried to calm things down during the after party. “I believe that Amandine, she is not happy. You know Amandine, I completely understand that you’re not happy, it’s normal, but every week, someone is eliminated. In the end, it’s the dance that speaks”, he told her. A remark that the main concerned obviously did not appreciate. “It doesn’t matter, I’m going to go to Normandy, with Marie-Agnès Gillot and it makes me so happy, but so happy”, she replied sarcastically, even letting go of a little forced smile.

The atmosphere finally relaxed after a little joke from Amandine Petit for the attention of the jurors. The ex-beauty queen offered to swap roles, giving them a grade for “their performance”. “With great pleasure,” replied Chris Marques. “To my delight, I’m giving everyone a high mark. We’re going to bury the hatchet, it’s over,” added Amandine Petit. His intervention greatly amused the other dancers. All’s well that ends well, then.

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