Tension and confusion: video records entry of Bolivian military into Argentine territory

Argentine journalist Raúl Costes was on the Salvador Mazza international bridge, which links Bolivia with Argentina, in the province of Salta, when he witnessed an unusual event that the Salta professional himself described as an “anomalous situation.”

Costes was a witness when five soldiers of the Bolivian army crossed the border and entered Argentine territory without authorization and, at least one of them, carrying his weapon. The military troops advanced several meters through trans-Andean territory until two gendarmes – the institution that guards the borders – came out in front of the group of soldiers.

After a brief dialogue, in which the Argentine agents reminded the Bolivian troops that they could not cross the border armed, the five released turned around and returned to their country. All this was recorded and narrated by Costes.

“It is an anomalous situation, we have never seen Bolivian soldiers in Argentine territory and less with weapons, at least one of them is seen with his regulation weapon, the first to lead the platoon of 5, a female,” the journalist said.

The crossing through the Salvador Mazza international bridge was controlled until Thursday and on Friday it was fully opened, which produced a high movement of people across the border, that day was when the incident with the highland soldiers took place.


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