Tension grows in Peru over Fujimori’s attempt to annul Castillo’s votes

The tension grew even more this Wednesday in Peru before the tight definition of the presidential elections, with Pedro Castillo, who according to his accounts is already the winner, and with Keiko Fujimori focused on trying to demonstrate an alleged “systematic fraud” and thus annul thousands of votes of his rival.

With 98.3% of the votes counted, the leftist Castillo currently gathers 50.2% of the preferences compared to 49.8% of the right-wing Fujimori, separated by a narrow margin of about 70,000 votes that place the teacher and the union leader of the Peruvian teachers very close to the Presidency.

The count progresses very slowly with the review of the minutes that have some type of technical observation (1,186) and waiting to receive votes from the most remote corners of the country.

The votes that are yet to come are from areas overwhelmingly favorable to Castillo while the minutes that are being reviewed should have a very marked bias in his favor to allow him to overcome the difference.

In these minutes there are 443 with votes contested by both parties, 329 with error in the sum of votes, 98 with incomplete data and 107 without signatures.

Cancellation request

Faced with this scenario, the Fujimori party Fuerza Popular intends to request the cancellation of thousands of votes already counted in favor of Castillo through some of the large law firms in Lima, which are reviewing minute by minute in search of alleged irregularities.

For this, they must clearly prove before the end of the day on Wednesday that there was some type of fraud in each of the minutes that they believe to be suspicious, since they are votes that at the time of being computed were not contested.

“Our representatives and the lawyers who have been watching it are going to show that there are tables with falsified signatures and tables with statistically improbable results,” the candidate for vice president of Fujimori, Luis Galarreta, assured the radio station RPP.

Fujimori’s dubious evidence

The complaint of the alleged “systematic fraud” was launched by Fujimori on Monday night, when the already advanced scrutiny of the votes left Castillo as the probable winner of the elections.

There he presented a series of “indications”, mostly collected from social networks and ‘fake news’ without further support to refute the preliminary reports of the electoral missions of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations ( Uniore), who highlighted the correctness of the elections.

Among the supposed evidences is the case of tables that cast all their votes in favor of Castillo, something likely in areas where the candidate has won with 88% of the preferences and that corresponds to the fact that there are also tables with all the votes in favor of Fujimori, as has been seen in some of Miami (United States).

Castillo supporters arrive in Lima

As if that were not enough, it is expected that in the next few hours thousands of Castillo supporters will arrive in Lima from various regions of the country to demonstrate in defense of the electoral results.

At the same time, some voters of Keiko Fujimori have called a mobilization through social networks to request the intervention of the armed forces and prevent Castillo from being officially proclaimed president.

Faced with this movement, the Ministry of Defense recalled in a statement that “the Armed Forces are not deliberative and are subordinate to the constitutional power, so any call to breach this person in charge is inappropriate for a democracy.”

Thus, the military reiterated its commitment to the Constitution, democracy, the principle of neutrality and respect for the popular will expressed in the elections held last Sunday.

The Armed Forces also exhorted the population to respect the results and to work together to strengthen democracy and promote the development of the country.

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