Tensions between Georges-Louis Bouchez and the presenters of “Thursday as a bonus” (RTBF)

Tense atmosphere Thursday evening on the set of “Thursday as a bonus”. The president of MR was the guest on the front page to speak about the controversies of recent days: his debate with the president of Vlaams Belang, Tom Van Grieken, thus breaking the media sanitary cordon, and in particular the words of the president of VooruitConner Rousseau, sur Molenbeek, which echo it.

Besides, GLB did not fail to tackle the Flemish socialist, describing his exit as a “declaration of the counter, which was a slogan of the far right. It does not advance the debate”, he regretted.

But who says controversial subjects, says tense exchanges. Following this debate, PS, Ecolo and Les Engagés agreed to revise the Charter of Democracy of 2002, which lays down the lines of the cordon sanitaire. A discussion in which the MR will participate this Friday. In this regard, the liberals wish to extend the famous cordon to the PTB, on the French-speaking side.

“You still have a far left party which is pointed at almost 20% according to the latest estimates, so do not say that all is well in Walloon democracy”, sends Georges-Louis Bouchez to journalist François De Brigode. Which answers “I didn’t say anything!”.

Cut off by a question from Nathalie Maleux, the president of the MR then got annoyed: “I see that we spend a lot of time on these questions rather than talking about people’s problems”. “No, we talked about people’s problems for 8 minutes”, then contradicts the presenter of the RTBF news, visibly irritated.

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