tensions in the House after a request from the N-VA which delays support measures for affected sectors

The bill extends the measure of deferral of social contributions for the 3rd and 4th quarters without incurring a fine. The majority have tabled amendments which reflect the additional support measures decided by the government. An amendment by Christophe Bombled (MR) contains the doubling of the gateway fee for independents who have had to interrupt their activities. Another from Sophie Thémont (PS) plans to grant 167 million to the ONSS to allow companies in the Horeca sector to pay the end-of-year bonuses of their employees. The latest from Anja Vanrobaeys (sp.a) aims to grant an ONSS premium.

The N-VA did not appreciate the way in which the majority tries to pass its texts “hastily” without even having an opinion from the Council of State (this was finally provided at the meeting). ) or the Court of Auditors on the budgetary impact of the measures. “It is the companies which, tomorrow, will have to pay the budgetary hole”, accused the deputy Björn Anseeuw who asked for a second reading before the final vote.

The approach, which is fairly standard in parliamentary work, has the effect of delaying the final vote in committee by about a week and sending it to plenary for a final vote. However, there is an urgent need to come to the aid of sectors hit hard by the health crisis, the majority warned.

Social Affairs Minister Frank Vandenbroucke warned Flemish nationalists. “Your attitude is creating panic. You’re going to bleed thousands of businesses that need a little oxygen, ”he exclaimed. “You will explain that to Horeca Vlaanderen! “

The president of the commission, Marie-Colline Leroy (Ecolo-Groen), also urged the N-VA to think carefully. “It is in no way a desire to question parliamentary work or to sacrifice it, but who thought that in November 2020, we would be faced with a catastrophic situation again? She stressed.

The nationalists did not give in, believing that some of the amendments tabled were not urgent, and denounced an “emotional blackmail”.

The second reading will take place next week.


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