Teófilo Gutiérrez qualifies the Metropolitan grass with 10 points

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins visited the works that are being carried out in the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium, in the company of the Junior forward, Teófilo Gutiérrez.

The stage is set to receive the Colombian National Team in October, when the qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 are scheduled to begin.

During the tour, which was guided by the Secretary of Recreation and Sports, Gabriel Berdugo Peña, the president and the player tested the new grass by touching the ball.

According to the attacker and scorer, the turf passed the test with ease.

“The court is 10 points, the Metropolitan has always been ready, and now more with these dressing rooms, with the mixed zone. The people who come to watch the games are going to find this beautiful lawn, ”said Teófilo.

The Mayor’s Office assured that the Metropolitan’s grass change progresses within the established deadlines, and delivery is scheduled for the second week of September.

“The grass is as we dream of it, like those of the best stadiums. Hopefully here we can achieve successs and that people can enjoy a show as they like, at the level of the Selection House ”, said Mayor Pumarejo.

They assured that the District prepares a better experience for the fans who visit the Metropolitan Stadium, starting with a road device that will allow a fast and fluid arrival through Circunvalar Avenue.

We will deliver it soon. We are ready to receive the Colombian National Team and the Junior from Barranquilla. We want to offer the fans a pleasant experience when the public returns to our stage ”, added the Secretary of Recreation and Sports, Gabriel Berdugo Peña.

In addition, they indicated that the parking lot will have a new entrance logistics and fans will be able to enjoy the Museum of the Colombia Selection, the new cafeteria, 10 additional bathrooms, security in the environment and monitoring cameras, in addition to infrastructure works such as the dressing room Exclusive for the Colombia National Team, the exit tunnel for the teams, the substitute benches and the VIP area, among others.


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