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The teragnosis is a proposal of nuclear medicine to combat and diagnose cancer in patients at the same time, it is the use of a drug to identify (diagnose) and a second drug to deliver therapy to treat the main tumor and any metastatic (cancer-spreading) tumors at the same time, and their results are encouraging to some experts.

The concept is a proposal of nuclear medicine and comes from the composition of the parts “tera”, from “therapy”, and “gnosis”, from the word “diagnosis“; that is, it proposes to diagnose while it begins to be treated. This procedure was already used in thyroid cancer, and now it is being adjusted for other types of particles carcinogenic.

The teragnosis procedure consists of injecting a radioactive drug into the patient’s bloodstream to all organs and tissues of the body. By acting, it illuminates cancer cells, so that it can be diagnosed much more efficiently, says the source.

The country of Spain collects that the Medical Strategy Increases Survival of Malicious Tumor Patients by 35 Percent, and it’s having great results for men with prostate cancer.

This is a big step, since prostate cancer is the most common in men and is the second leading cause of cancer mortality in men, according to the SEOM Foundation, Spanish Society of Medical Oncology.

This is not killing flies with cannon shots, like other techniques. It means going directly to the tumor cell and destroying it ‘in situ ”, El País reports from the doctor José Luis Carreras.

“This is not the future, it is the present. It is precision and personalized molecular radiation therapy. It is not killing flies with cannon shots, like other techniques. Is go directly into the tumor cell, delivering radiation to it and destroying it in situ without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues”, The doctor longs.

Carreras points out that the effectiveness of this nuclear medicine process attacks cancer with the same one to two millimeter radiation emitted by the drug; he hopes that over time there may be more molecules for specific types of cancer, so that they can be treated with this technique as well.



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