Terminator: Resistance: Drunk, They Announce DLC For December 10

We had preferred to bury it very deep – piou piou piou piou – in our memories, but Terminator: Resistance unfortunately remembers us today – piou piou piou – with the announcement of a new DLC scheduled for December 10 – piou piou. In Annihilation Line, our character sees himself invested with a mission – piou piou piou piou – delivered by John Connor himself who sends him to get news from the district of Northridge – piou piou, beyond the annihilation line — chirped chirped !

From the official website, Annihilation Line will keep you occupied – piou piou piou piou – for four hours and will be packed with action. You will progress in the company of Kyle Reese – piou piou piou – and other characters exclusive to the DLC. You will also encounter new enemies, like the T-600 or the HK Centurion, and have new weapons at your disposal to eliminate them.

Well, we wonder especially what could have gone through the mind of the publisher to announce a new DLC of a game that we had all forgotten. As a reminder, our test concluded as follows:

Remember the T-800 in Terminator 2 : an implacable killing machine hermetic to the slightest human feeling but which John Connor ends up taking in affection before resolving to eliminate it. Terminator: Resistance is the exact copy, a poor creature absolutely unbitable, whose only destiny is to end up forgotten, but whom we really wish we could praise. As it stands, the few good points of the game are irremediably overwhelmed by its flaws, its gameplay soporific, its staging completely failed and its flagrant lack of ambition. A total waste inasmuch as Resistance remains to this day the best video game adaptation of the series Terminator.

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