Terrible accident in Santander leaves one dead and several injured (video)

On the afternoon of this Sunday, a serious car accident on a highway in the department of Santander, more precisely on the Lebrija-Girón road that leads to the Palonegro airport, located near Bucaramanga.

According to the reports provided by some people who were close to the scene, a tractor-trailer left the road and crashed several private vehicles, producing a collision of considerable magnitude that left the area paralyzed due to the enormous amount of material damage that occurred.

The Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police confirmed that one person died from the accident and there are two more who are injured.

As expected, mobility in the area was clearly affected by the current situation and the traffic officers who attended the situation enabled the passage of vehicles, but only in one lane.

In any case, concern persists among passers-by who move around and the people of Santander who live nearby. The videos that were released from the minutes after the accident confirm that the accident was really serious.

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In the next few hours, more reports could be generated by the authorities that provide details on whether there are more people injured or killed by the crash that produced the tractor-trailer. This is the most regrettable accident that has occurred during this festive Halloween bridge on the roads of the country.

Here are a few videos that were recorded at the scene and replicated by the media:

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