Territorial and grassroots competitions, to be expected

The Catalan Football Federation has stepped back and yesterday reported that the resumption of territorial and grassroots football competitions which was scheduled for the weekend of March 6 and 7, as had been announced a few days ago, it cannot be carried out. The body justifies it to the new restrictions that affect the federated sport and that will last until this Sunday 28 February. What does not change and therefore yes it is maintained is the resumption of those categories that are statewide, set for this same weekend. Let’s talk of the Primera Catalana, the Preferent Juvenil and the Preferent Femenina.

The FCF explains that it will set the start of the competitions that are still waiting “as soon as the authorization of the Government of the Generalitat is obtained” and also recalls that the maximum date to obtain the green light is the weekend of the March 20 and 21. Should further action be taken, the body will propose one new format of competition, of voluntary registration and without effects of ascents and descents given the impossibility of producing qualifying effects in the current season in all those categories that are affected. At the same time and as compensation, there is a reduction in the arbitration fee for divisions that have not been initiated and those that have also been resumed.


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