Terror near Paris: France before 231 suspected extremists were expelled

FAccording to insiders, after the fatal attack on a teacher, France is preparing to expel 231 alleged extremists. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has asked the local authorities to order the expulsions, police union circles said on Sunday.

Of the 231 people, 180 are in prison, 51 should be arrested in the next few hours. No confirmation was initially received from the Ministry of the Interior. The radio station Europe 1 had previously reported on the planned expulsions.

An 18-year-old had beheaded the history teacher Samuel Paty in the street with a knife on Friday evening in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a suburb of Paris.

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A little later he was shot by police officers. Paty had shown his students caricatures of Mohammed in citizenship class on freedom of expression. Some Muslims regard any depiction of their prophet as blasphemy.


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