Terrorism: LR number 2, Guillaume Peltier, offers preventive and final incarceration

The right is looking for itself on the ideological ground and the passage of time seems to confirm a growing fracture within the Les Républicains party. The tongues are loosened, the proposals fuse according to the various facts, and the idea of ​​a rapprochement of the right fringe of the party with the National Gathering is no longer taboo. Latest outing, that of number 2 of the Les Républicains party, Guillaume Peltier. Asked this Sunday in the Grand Jury of RTL, the deputy for Loir-et-Cher went there about his proposals to fight terrorism. After establishing a link between terrorism and immigration, he detailed measures which, in order to be implemented, would necessarily imply going outside the framework of the European Court of Human Rights, but also a modification of the Constitution.

“We are fed up with candles and commemorations,” he pleads. To put an end to it, the elected representative proposes to expel all the people listed in the FSPRT (file of radicalized people, Editor’s note). And for French citizens on file, Guillaume Peltier proposes to create a “security court” which would be responsible for taking preventive measures, on a “case by case” basis.

Preventive incarceration without appeal possible

He develops: “This idea that we have worked a lot with Olivier Marleix and deputies would make it possible to escape this hyperjudicialization of French life,” he defends. Today, only on the question of foreigners, there is the tribunal, the court of appeal, the Council of State. The idea is to create an exceptional justice, without possible appeal: the security court of the Republic with three magistrates. “

Concretely, this special jurisdiction, based according to him on the model of that created by General de Gaulle in 1963 after the attacks of the OAS, “could lock up individuals in prevention after a set of proven and complete suspicions, without the possibility of making appeal ”, before the commission of a terrorist act. And faced with the risk, let’s say it rather high of constitutional censorship in the state of the legislation, Guillaume Peltier would have also found the parade there. “If the Constitutional Council opposes it, well we could propose it by referendum. What matters tomorrow is to restore the authority of the State, to protect the most fragile and vulnerable. “

He who officially supports Xavier Bertrand’s candidacy for the 2022 presidential election also makes the European Court of Human Rights another obstacle that it would be good to get rid of. “Nevertheless, if, which is the case today, the European Court of Human Rights restricts the sovereignty of peoples and nations, I wish to temporarily get out of it to force judges to respect the sovereignty of States . “

“His words are only binding on him”

This release, without much surprise, arouses many reactions this Sunday. “His words are binding on him and in no case on the party. These are personal positions ”, first wanted to clarify to the Parisian the entourage of Christian Jacob, president of the Les Républicains party. Then the latter expressed himself on Twitter to drive the point home and invite the party executives to “play collectively”.

On the same social network, the deputy of Yonne Guillaume Larrivé went there of his projection. “Not having been brought up at the Front National school, but at the Council of State and the cabinets of Nicolas Sarkozy, I admit having difficulty understanding the proposals of some responsible of the current leadership of the party for which I was the spokesperson when it was founded, ”he laments.

Many elected members of the majority did not fail to point out for their part the rapprochement that would be underway between a fringe of LR and the ideas of the National Gathering. “Back to square one for Guillaume Peltier: the extreme right from which he comes, notes the deputy of Yvelines Aurore Bergé. Justice without the possibility of appealing! Go faster: restore the death penalty. The famous lawyer Alain Jakubowicz also used irony. “Little arm Guillaume Peltier! Tar, feathers and rope… This is a “civilizational and cultural issue”. “

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