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In mid-June this year, two well-known Israeli businessmen and their families had to quickly leave Bogota, city in which they resided several years ago. They did so under strict security measures and on a charter flight to an unknown location.

The emergency situation originated from a security alert launched by a Colombian intelligence agency that detected that an attack on two Israelis was in the making, which would have been ordered by an Iranian citizen, which intelligence organizations in the world qualify as one of the “most dangerous terrorists”.

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EL TIEMPO had access to sections of the confidential documents on the alert and the investigation carried out from Colombia in coordination with 15 intelligence agencies worldwide that link two Colombians with Rahmat Asadi |, 40 years old.

Asadi is regarded as one of the most wanted assassins in Dubái (United Arab Emirates), designated as “dangerous, highly trained with ties to terrorist groups ”, reads the dossier against him. Interpol issued a red circular to obtain his location and capture in 194 countries.

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In Bogotá, at the beginning of April, intelligence had the first indications about the movements of follow-up and surveillance that two men were doing, apparently, two foreign businessmen.

“In May the signs were already an alert and we confirmed that they had been doing what we call ‘criminal intelligence’ two prominent Israeli citizens. In other words, they had already located their place of residence, their workplaces, routines and the movements of their family group, ”one of the agents in charge of the case told this newspaper.

The source pointed out that initially the hypothesis of a kidnapping was woven, so it was requested that the security of the foreigners who would be the objectives of the plan be reinforced. And when confirming the identity of the Colombians who would be organizing the criminal action, the investigation took a 180 degree turn by confirming that a homicide.

“In the middle of the process, of which no further details can be given, it became clear that ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’ had carried out criminal intelligence and had already hired a group of hit men to carry out the plan,” said the agent. This newspaper knows the identities of these two people but does not publish them so as not to hinder the investigation.

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Upon achieving the identification of the two men, according to the source, their antecedents were verified establishing that ‘Jimmy ‘and’ Andrés K‘are two noted international jewelery theft criminals who were captured in Dubai in 2017, where they were deprived of liberty until March 2021.

Asadi, from paintball player to designated terrorist

Abbas Yazdi, killed in 2014 by a commando led by Asadi.


International media

In prison, according to intelligence reports, ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’, who are between 35 and 40 years old, met Rahmat Asadi, with whom they achieved a personal bond, thanks to the fact that the two Colombians dominate the English language.

Asadi, intelligence agencies highlight, was an Iranian player, a “paintball star” who traveled through various countries under that facade, but who was really “doing counterintelligence. He was an agent of the Government of his country ”, the report reads.

In fact, Asadi is accused of being part of a commando that participated in the kidnapping of Abbas Yazasanpanah Yazdi, an Iranian-British businessman, who lived in Dubai and was killed in events recorded in 2014.

According to the investigations Yazdi was an Iranian political opponent.

That same year, Asadi was captured in Thailand and extradited to Dubai. In prison, the source reiterated, the three men met and during the nearly three and a half years they were together they became friends.

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“In prison Asadi trained, guided and assigned tasks to ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’ for when they returned to Colombia,” highlights the confidential report known by this newspaper.

Islamic ‘criminal outsourcing’

The source pointed out that these tasks are part of a new modality used by Islamic terrorist groups, in this case the Quds Force, through what they qualify as “criminal outsourcing”.

They recruit citizens of a certain country, in this case the two Colombians, “with the aim of carrying out attacks against personalities based in other nations for work or personal issues,” said the source.

In Colombia, the target of these groups – according to the report – “is the members of the Jewish community and US citizens.”

They had already received from Asadi the payment of $ 20,000 through cryptocurrencies

In fact, world authorities are concerned about this type of “criminal outsourcing”, since the Quds Force, is part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, specialized in covert and unconventional operations.

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What is alarming, said the intelligence agent, is that this modality has become evident in different parts of the world, so international agencies are working in a coordinated way to share information in real time to neutralize these terrorist events.

‘Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’ ended up scamming the terrorist

The agents established that Rahmat Asadi confirmed to ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’ the payment of 100,000 dollars, which would be made through digital platforms using cryptocurrencies “To leave no record or evidence.”

Asadi was released in October 2020, in a situation that is not very clear, because despite that freedom, today he is one of the most wanted in the Middle East, the agent stressed, adding that the man would be a refugee in his country: Iran.

Therefore, the investigators confirmed that the two Colombians reported directly to Asadi the progress in the monitoring and the location of the Israeli businessmen.

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“’Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’ tried to go unnoticed in Bogotá, but we were able to identify them because they moved in high-end cars, made in Germany and Japan, and because they have drug use problems and were sometimes neglected and they talked too much, “said the agent.

With the departure of the Israeli businessmen from the country, the plan of ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’ fell apart, with an aggravation: “They had already received an advance of $ 20,000 from Asadi through cryptocurrencies,” said the investigator.

Thus, the Iranian began to demand results, that is, to see the murder of the two foreigners through the media. “Apparently he began to pressure them and even threaten them, so the two men, ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’ fled. Practically scammed one of the most wanted terrorists in the world, with the implications that can be given“Said the source.

In fact, Asadi, according to the investigation, would have indicated to the two Colombians that if the “coup in Bogotá” went well, he would hire them to carry out similar actions in Azerbaijan, the United States, Bulgaria and Africa.

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After breach of contract and under the monitoring of the authorities, the two Colombians disappeared.

Intelligence follows the migratory trail of ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Andrés K’ and it is expected that they will seek protection for their families due to the well-founded fear of a retaliation from Rahmat Asadi.

The case was analyzed at the end of July, through a multimedia meeting, by various agencies within the international cooperation work in order to block the way to this new modality of Islamic terrorism and to maintain the worldwide alarm about the targets that they could be fixing.

What is the Quds Force?

It is a tactical intelligence and counterintelligence group that brings together the elite corps of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard based in Iran.

The Quds Force was founded by Qasem Soleimani, who at one point became the most wanted terrorist in the world and died in a drone operation carried out by the United States, in January 2020.

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This Force supports guerrilla groups or militias like Hamas and the Jihad in Palestine; and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Force was formed during the war between Iran and Iraq and today it has about 7 thousand men who are classified as terrorists.

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