Tesla Cybertruck: Elon Musk plans to build Gigafactory in the United States

In Brandenburg, the construction of the planned Tesla plant threatens to stall. Although the state environmental agency in Brandenburg approved the planning of part of the site in Grünheide near Berlin this week, there are hundreds of objections to the new factory. Meanwhile, company boss Elon Musk has announced the construction of another new large factory.

A new plant is to be built in America for the production of his electric pick-up, which was announced at the end of 2021. The factory should be located “in the middle part of the USA”, Musk is currently in the selection process, wrote on Twitter.

The plant should also build the new cyber truck. With this, Tesla wants to advance into the most lucrative segment in the US auto market. However, the presentation in the fall was bumpy: When chief designer Franz von Holzhausen threw an iron ball against the pane of the cybertruck prototype to demonstrate the shatterproof bulletproof glass, it splintered:

Tesla’s criteria: grants, logistics, labor

Tesla uses several criteria to select the location for the new factory. The company will weigh grants, but also logistics costs and access to a skilled workforce, Musk told the Wall Street Journal.

In Brandenburg, where the production of the cyber truck for the European market should start next year, Tesla wants to start work immediately, according to the Ministry of Environment. The complete environmental approval is still pending. Tesla can now get started at their own risk and would have to restore the old state if approval is not granted.

Trees with bats stop

According to the ministry, the State Office for the Environment decided at the beginning of the week about the second approval for the early start of construction under the Federal Immission Control Act for the factory. The company can remove the top soil on around 92 hectares of cleared land and level the site. According to the ministry, Tesla must ensure that it is a water protection area.

Trees with bats stay until the animals have left their winter quarters. Areas with forest ants’ nests are taboo until the animals have been resettled. Tesla plans to build around 500,000 electric vehicles a year in Grünheide from 2021. 361 critics had objected to the factory.

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