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On Tuesday (23rd), according to the latest data, Tesla has won orders for more than 1.27 million Cybertruck electric pickup trucks, with a potential revenue of more than 80 billion.Dollar, But there is still no sign of production.

The Cybertruck electric pickup truck launched by Tesla in 2019 caused a sensation in the market due to its avant-garde design. Although the official delivery schedule is uncertain, Tesla still has a large number of orders. Tesla CEO Musk once said bluntly that Cybertruck has a good chance to end in failure, because Cybertruck is different from other models, but he doesn’t care about the potential risk of failure.

According to the latest data, the Cybertruck booking plan is very successful. Generally speaking, after Tesla launches new cars, orders will flock to them soon, and then gradually decrease over time, but this is not the case for Cybertruck.

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Up to now, Cybertruck has more than 1.27 million reservations, with an average selling price of 58,000Dollar, The booking value exceeds 80 billionDollar, These backlogs of orders are more than twice as much as Tesla’s annual sales of electric vehicles (Tesla’s global sales last year)Delivery volumeAround 500,000 vehicles).

The source said that even during the new crown epidemic, Tesla stores and online pre-orders continued to receive orders and absorb deposits.

Cybertruck is expected to start delivery in 2022 (Photo: Tesla)
Cybertruck is expected to start delivery in 2022 (Photo: Tesla)

Tesla leads the market in bookings for electric pickup trucks. Currently, Tesla’s official website shows that Cybertruck is expected to start delivery in 2022.

Tesla’s number one rival, Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck, has begun delivery at the end of last month. However, outsiders believe that the real competition is not which company handed over the first electric pickup truck, but who achieved mass production and delivery plans. painting.

Tesla (TSLA-US) After the opening of the market on Tuesday, it fell 0.20% to a provisional report of 1,154.11 per share Dollar。Rivian (RIVN-US) Rose 1.02% to 119.32 per share Dollar

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