Tesla doubles the range of the HW3’s side cameras for oncoming traffic in FSD 11.4.2

2023-05-30 00:39:00

The new FSD Beta 11.4.2 release that is being distributed to Tesla employees and customers is a real update as it introduces new expected features, fixes numerous bugs and apparently doubles the range of the pillar cameras. Tested by Chuck Cook, the B-pillar cameras can now see oncoming vehicles up to 190 meters away, up from 80 meters currently.

The upper limit has been increased to 400-600 feet, depending on side and conditions, doubling the previous range and allowing the FSD software to react earlier and more accurately. Even though that only gives Tesla’s driver assistance system 7-8 seconds to adapt if approaching vehicles are traveling at 50-60 MPH, it’s still better than halving the reaction time with previous camera input.

It’s true that the human eye can detect moving vehicles much sooner than the B-pillar cameras of Tesla’s Hardware 3 kit, giving the driver half a minute or more to react.

It would therefore be interesting to test how the new Tesla Model Y factory upgrades with Hardware 4.0 from the factory compare in terms of field of vision. After all, HW4 comes with more and higher resolution Samsung camerasincluding additional cameras on the sides which should enable faster and more accurate FSD reactions.

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