Tesla ordered to recall electric cars

According to the American road safety authority, the Model S and Model X of the firm of Elon Musk are equipped with on-board computers that break down after a few years.

Bad news for Tesla. The American Highway Safety Authority (NHTSA) asked Elon Musk’s company to recall 158,000 Model S and Model X in the United States over a safety issue on the on-board computer touchscreen. This could constitute “The biggest recall for a safety problem for the electric vehicle manufacturer”, according to Wall Street Journal.

These screens would break down “After a few years of use”, undermining defogging, indicators and reversing cameras in particular, according to the American regulator.

Modest but expensive

If the figure seems modest, certain recalls of safety in the automobile applying to millions of vehicles, it is to be compared with the production of Tesla, underlines the daily business. The electric car maker has far fewer vehicles on the road than some of its competitors. Its global production for 2020 reached 500,000 cars, including 205,600 in the United States, according to industry analyst Motor Intelligence.

Tesla is not required to recall the Model S, sedans manufactured between 2012 and 2018, and the Model X, 4X4 city ​​dwellers produced from 2016 to 2018, but will have to provide an explanation if they do not. And if it doesn’t suit the agency, the case could go to court.

According to an expert, the recall of the 158,000 cars would cost the Silicon Valley manufacturer $ 300 million to $ 500 million.

This apparently did not affect the Tesla share price (which lost 0.19%) on Thursday. After being “Soared for a few months, driven by the growing confidence of investors in its CEO Elon Musk”. The “Growth visions for the electric car market” of his bubbling boss allowed Tesla to become in 2020 “The largest automaker in terms of market capitalization”.

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