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Tesla unveils a small Cyberquad ATV for kids only

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Elaf: The EV giant, owned by Elon Musk, announced the launch of the Cyberquad for children last Thursday.
The battery powered ATV is available to order now through the brand’s website, and if you’re lucky it might just arrive in time for Christmas.

This car is a scaled down version of an adult-matched electric car the brand announced in 2019 that can store the little ones’ car in its boot.

The mini-Cyberquad features a sharp-angled design that perfectly matches the design of the company’s upcoming pickup. It features an all-steel frame, adjustable suspension, rear disc brakes, a comfortable seat and LED lights.

The Cyberquad is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Tesla hasn’t revealed its size – and it’s likely much smaller than the packs in its cars – but claims it’ll be good for a 15-mile range, although that number may vary based on other factors like rider weight and terrain.
As for speed, Tesla says the ATV can travel 5 mph on setup 1 and 10 mph on setup 2. And the speed can be limited to 5 mph if you’re concerned about your little one.


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