Tesla’s Model 3 is the best-selling sedan in France in 2020

The specialized journal Argus a compiled its sales figures Over the first six months of 2020 and surprise, Tesla’s Model 3 is at the top of the sedan sales ranking in France. This segment is historically dominated by French manufacturers and it was Peugeot’s 508 which also gave up its place on the first step of the podium.

This success is good news for Tesla naturally, but it should be put in perspective. On the one hand, the Californian company took advantage of its specificity, with sales still being made via its site, while traditional manufacturers were forced to close their concessions during the spring containment. Above all, we are talking about the segment only sedans, cars in “classic” format that are no longer popular on the market. Thirty years ago, it was the dominant segment that crushed all the others, but it has collapsed in favor of SUVs, the now most popular category.

Model 3, image Tesla.

As a result, Tesla is number one by selling very few cars, but a little more than other manufacturers. According to Argus, 3,562 Model 3 were sold in the first six months of the year in France, more than any other sedan. Knowing that the sedan market as a whole represented only 14,000 sales in the first half of 2020, less than Renault’s Captur, the best-selling SUV in France with more than 24,000 units.

Tesla remains a small player in France for the moment, even if we only look at electric cars. The Model 3 is ranked third in the ranking, but with its 3,562 units, it is far behind Peugeot’s e-208 (8,954 vehicles) and above all very far behind the queen of the segment, the Renault Zoé and its 17,650 units on the semester. It must be said that the Model 3 remains a luxury car that begins at € 49,600 in the basic version, approximately 17,000 more than its French rivals.

In any case, we understand why Tesla matters a lot about the Model Y, derived from the Model 3 in SUV format. For many observers, this new car could become the most popular in Tesla’s history, beating the sedan that serves as its basis. Its release is still scheduled in France for early 2021, from 63,000 €.


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