Tesla’s Smart Summon: A Lifesaver in a Restricted Parking Situation

2023-09-19 14:03:19

His Tesla saved him from having to walk home or pay for a taxi. On Thanks to an option he was equipped with, it allowed him to get out of a restrictive situation, reports phoneandroid .

The man had parked his vehicle inside a parking lot equipped with a metal gate that opens and closes automatically. But when he left, he did not notice the presence of a sign announcing the parking lot closed at 10 p.m. After this time, motorists must wait until the next day to collect their car. The man therefore returned to the scene after the indicated time and was unable to get through the gate.

The Smart Summon function

Luckily, his Tesla was equipped with the Smart Summon function. An option that allows vehicles to travel without a driver over a short distance, while avoiding obstacles. As we can see in the video he broadcast on X, the owner of the car asked him to come in his direction. The Tesla then complied and drove to the front of the gate, which enabled the opening sensor to be activated. He also broadcast the images of the maneuver, recorded by the vehicle’s on-board camera.

If he was finally able to recover his Tesla, the process would not have worked if it was parked too far from the entrance. According to the car manual, the Smart Summon option can only be activated at a certain distance and the car can only drive up to 65 m.

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