Tesla’s vehicle captures “a ghost” in a graveyard with its motion sensors [VIDEO]

A video on social media has become viral by showing how an autonomous vehicle Tesla detects a body with its motion sensors in a cemetery without an audience.

Radar in 4D, update included in the series Model 3, which allows identifying, evaluating and responding to different real-world scenarios through a system that provides high-resolution, real-time images.

It is this system that identifies the bodies around the vehicle while driving alone, but it seems that it also captures “invisible” individuals.

In a 14-second video initially uploaded to TikTok, a Tesla car driver is seen stopping around a graveyard. By displaying the vehicle screen, it can be seen from the car sensors that a human figure is detected around the car. However, when the camera was pointed around the cart, no human was visible.

The comments on social networks are various, but none reaches a valid conclusion. For while it continues gaining a lot of “likes” and shares.

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