Tessae: Her first album, Wejdene and Eva, her feat with Gims, her meeting with Booba … The singer confides (EXCLUDED)

On the occasion of the release of his first album, we spoke with Tessae. Find his secrets just below.

While we invited you to discover our recap music of the week with Booba and her single Ratpi World which hits the mark Selena Gomez who revealed the date of the release of her EP Justin Bieber which will be back soon and many other news, we are now meeting to talk to you about TESS. Only 19 years old, the young singer released her very first album “Seasons” this Friday, January 29. And for the occasion, she took the time to answer all of our questions. She obviously told us about her album, but also about her meeting with Booba, her feat with Gims, the successes of Eva and Wejdene … We let you discover her secrets just below and otherwise.

melty: Hello Tessae, can you introduce yourself?

TESS: Hello ! My name is Tessa, I’m 19 and I sing. In life I am a very stressed person and music has helped me a lot both in my past and in my current life.

melty: Can you explain to us where your artist name comes from?

TESS: Basically I wanted to be called “Tessa” as an artist since it is also my first name but it was already taken. Suddenly, I told myself that I was going to find a name that would change and it came from a very silly thing! Every time I created an account to post my covers I put an “e” at the end because “Tessa” was already in use. So it inspired me, I put the “e” in the “a” and I found the look cool so I kept it!

melty: How long have you been making music and who made you want to do it?

TESS : I’ve been singing since I was 9, 10 years old. Since I was little I had a musical universe around me. I played the piano, the guitar … My mom also sang a lot, she did shows etc. And with my sisters we liked it so we took singing lessons with her. And then little by little I decided to get into it with the support of my family. They have always been behind me encouraging me and pushing me.

melty: You made yourself known by taking back a sound of Booba, can you tell us about it?

TESS: Booba had launched a competition on the networks where it was necessary to resume his title “Rainbow” and the best covers were selected to perform on the We Love Green stage with him. I was lucky enough to be one of the two winners. When I heard that: crazy panic! (laughs). But that went very well. We met the day before the concert for rehearsals, Booba was very attentive. He congratulated us after the concert frankly it was super cool. Today I’m no longer in contact with him but for a little while we were talking on Instagram.

melty: With which artist would you like to collaborate in the future?

TESS: So already there I was able to have Gims! It was unexpected for me because it started from a story on Tik Tok but it’s done. Afterwards if we aim big, internationally I would necessarily say Billie Eilish because she has always been an inspiration for me. And if not 21 pilots, FKA Twings or at the moment I’m listening a lot to a Belgian artist called: Ilioma. I would love to try and do something with her!

melty: What project have you listened to the most in 2020?

TESS: I really have musical periods. I try to listen to a bit of everything. I can listen to pop, urban but in 2020 I was more pop rock because I saw The Strokes in concert two years ago and since then I listen to them on repeat. And if not Billie Eilish of course!

melty: You just released your first album, can you tell us more?

TESS: It’s been a year since I worked on the project but I don’t really see it as an album per se, but more as a way to close what I started last year. Basically, I had started releasing an EP every season and suddenly the album is all of the two mixtapes already released plus two new ones. It’s really to introduce myself, to show a bit of what I’m doing and just have fun!

melty: How do you do you to differentiate yourself with your music?

TESS: I’m not necessarily trying to differentiate myself, I just try to be true to myself. Then afterwards it’s a fluke if it pleases or not. I also know that there are times when it will work and others not. Obviously I’m always looking to do things that I haven’t necessarily heard elsewhere. Different sounds, a changing way of writing, new themes etc. But in real life, I just make music on my own.

melty: What do you think of young artists of the same generation as you such as Wejdene or Eva who hit the mark?

TESS: Force them! I have respect for them because it’s still young chicks who are lynched for free or who are not necessarily taken seriously for no real reason. For me there is room for everyone. We are all at the same level, therefore, all the young, old, male, female artists!

melty: Finally, do you have a little word for the readers of melty?

TESS: I would tell them to believe in themselves because I believe in them! And despite the somewhat complicated period, we have to tell ourselves that we are not alone and that there is always someone to listen to us.

Credits: melty

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