Test : Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory – This is the Rythm of the Knight

A new title Kingdom Hearts, it’s always an event. Since the beginning, each spin-off (and there have been many) has brought new stones to the edifice of Nomura’s mythology. But now that the Dark Seeker Saga has been concluded in Kingdom Hearts III, we need to prepare for the sequel. This is what this Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Release date : 20 mars 2020

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is very generous but lacks a bit of magic

  • 150 pieces
  • Multi mode is very fun
  • A little RPG side with the Mogs
  • The full summary side
  • The quality of the music
  • Full of content
  • A teaser aspect for the sequel
  • Visually a little disappointing
  • A little confused because of the depth
  • Some very very summary points

Treble clef

In his defense, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is above all a rhythm game paying homage to all the compositions of the series, very similar to the concept of the 3DS game Final Fantasy Theatrhythm released in 2012. We also find the particular aesthetics of this 3DS episode applied to Sora and his friends during loading times.

In Normal mode, A ++ is accessible, in Virtuoso, that’s another story

It will be a question here of walking from world to world with the Gummi ship – a system close to the first episode if I remember correctly – to browse musical tracks in 3D (all in depth, unlike Theatrhythm) to relive succinct summaries of the whole story during the vast majority of the adventure. To complete the mysteries of the secret cutscene of Kingdom Hearts III, draft tracks will only be delivered in the very last part of the game.

So do not expect here a real new scenario concocted for the occasion. It is more of a tribute game that is traveled to the rhythm of the compositions of each world. Mixing the worlds of Disney and his own compositions, we find ourselves browsing 150 musical tracks, sometimes accompanied by guests related to the world played.

We relive over the levels the whole original story, told by Kairi.

I admit having been a little disappointed with the repetitiveness at all, since we have from time to time a summary cutscene of the general story of a few minutes, following the original timeline, but without dedicated staging or other original content. However, the game is not stingy in content and each musical level (often two per world) has unique challenges. Each successful challenge grants the player a star, and these are needed to unlock subsequent levels. A system already seen and effective, found for example in the very recent Sackboy A Big Adventure. We also unlocks collectibles, such as character, weapon or enemy cards, songs specific for Free mode or crafts objects to entrust to the Mogs for even more content.

In terms of gameplay, we find ourselves in familiar territory, whether we are a player of Kingdom Hearts or rhythm game. The camera being placed in the back of the protagonists for in-depth level progression, it is directly reminiscent of the sight of classic action games in the series. Sora is accompanied by two other heroes (often Donald and Goofy, but one of them can be replaced by a thematic character, and we unlock other trios of Keyblade carriers over the completed episodes) and it is necessary here tap in rhythm to defeat enemies, dodge their attacks and jump at the right time. If you already know a little the tunes offered by the series, you will quickly have the turn in hand and minimize the main flaw of the game.

Depth can sometimes cause concern

Indeed, since the game takes place over depth, distances are not always easy to assess other than by the rhythm of the music. In addition, certain flying enemies will instinctively encourage you to jump to strike them, but these latter are considered as land enemies since they dive to attack you at the last minute. You must therefore scrupulously follow the instructions on the screen. (hit, jump, dodge) without improvising.

Other teams are available but they are just skins

Normal mode (easy mode is to be avoided, because it’s way too boring) will require you to hit a single key to strike with any hero, as well as a jump key. The whole thing being to coordinate well his strikes with L1, R1 and X when several enemies show up at the same time. Every once in a while Sora will have to jump and to stay in the air to catch notes, but his two cronies will then still be vulnerable and it becomes necessary to use L1 to strike left and R1 to strike right, while holding the jump key to keep Sora in the air.

From the side other modes, we have access to ” Pieces of your choice »Which allows you to replay the titles unlocked in the three difficulty modes of the story mode but also to modify the style of play.

We unlock worlds but also many paths for side episodes

A easy mode will allow you to play with only one touch while the fashion virtuoso will ask you to use square, L2 and R2 in addition to the other keys. A mode therefore dedicated to the most relentless and a proposal that should suit all types of players, from novices to completists. In addition to reviewing the cutscenes, listening to the music, the collection and the archives accessible in the ” Gallery“, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory also offers multiplayer modes.

The gallery unlocks a whole bunch of content for fans

There is therefore a coop mode which allows two players to eliminate opponents each in his corner by playing Sora and Riku, but also a Duel mode quite fun which includes a bit of the specifics of a Tetris or Puyo Puyo. This mode allows you to face another player online or the AI ​​and send them penalties depending on the enemies defeated, like enemies made invisible.

We can also access Mogs to craft items that enhance the experience, heal or improve statistics. Quite useful elements for the few boss fights that punctuate the game.

Bosses and Special Songs have their own, more complex gameplay

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory therefore fulfills its contract in terms of rhythm game and D’homage to the license while we will clearly move on to another chapter of the saga. The content is substantial, adapts to all players and allows us to easily recall the events of the full story – complex if at all. We regret all the same that visually, the game is not very seductive, closer to the Remaster of the first Kingdom Hearts than the third episode. With the excuse that the game is told from Kairi’s perspective, the game is not exhaustive in its narration and risk losing some players who would discover the saga here or would only have stuck to the canonical episodes.

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