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TEST Resident Evil 4 VR: an unexpected experience on Oculus Quest 2!

March 2005 in Europe, the GameCube hosted the brand new production of Capcom, Resident Evil 4. This crazy and dismal title has crossed the generations and has been worn a number of times on various platforms. The players therefore ate this production with all the sauces, to the point of making it indigestion. Studio armor, known for various explosive ports, was in charge of the “VR” version exclusive to the Oculus Quest 2. Another “Resident Evil 4”, yes, but in virtual reality this time, enough to titillate fans of this particular universe. We therefore immersed ourselves in this title with a lot of curiosity. What a lot of fun? It is time to answer this question.

Pure madness!

The adventure begins with a cutscene shown on a large 2D flat screen. The developers have not reworked the cutscenes, as a result, we end up with disturbing cuts throughout the game, which often take us out of our immersion. The beast is finally showing up and, damn it, it’s impressive. So certainly, Resident Evil 4 has taken a little bit of old, but the firm has reworked all the different frames and some textures to literally plunge theaficionado in this totally quirky world.

Some of the decor elements are basic and lacking in detail, others are neat, crisp, and amazing. We feel that the studio must have made a sort of huge salad to run this fourth opus in VR. And for good reason,Oculus Quest 2 spit out his lungs! The helmet heats up quickly, gets excited a bit and crashes at times ; We have had a black screen several times, but also system crashes / slowdowns when we wanted to return to the Home (don’t forget to save often so as not to lose your progress).

Resident Evil 4 VR Test impressions image (1)In-game, Resident Evil 4 VR is extremely fluid, the play of light and shadow is superb, and the environments are well modeled. We brilliantly perceive the grandeur of places and enemies, pure madness! Unsurprisingly, imperfections are visible from time to time. As ? Collision problems, or still figures and objects that levitate slightly above the ground. In terms of sound effects, we have a captivating sound that plays with our esgourdes. The breathing of a monster on the right, the howl of a creature on the left, the senses are titillated, we naturally move our body according to the noises we hear. Really fun. In addition, be aware that the dubbing is in English and that the French subtitles are well encrusted.

We had huge questions about how to handle this Resident Evil 4… To offer natural movements, while maintaining the spirit of the franchise, the challenge was sizeable. Well, we can tell you thatStudio armor did a goldsmith’s job to bring a realistic side to a fictional universe, and that’s terrible!

It’s ultra enjoyable and immersive.

Resident Evil 4 VR Test impressions image (1)Goodbye to the rigidity of Leon and the “blocked” targets, hello moving to the sides while shootant from the big angry beast ! Here we have the choice between fluid gestures and teleportation to get from one place to another; Ditto for the shaking and orientation of the camera, or the angles of rotation. It is even possible to activate a “tunnel vision” which will add a black outline, which intensifies around our eyes. Before taking control of a vehicle, a notification indicates that it is possible to feel unwell and that we can choose an appropriate option so as not to tire ourselves. In short, the purpose of all this? Avoid overturning the player’s guts and making you want to vomit. The team thinks about the comfort of each person by offering various relevant parameters, so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

We have phases of exploration and action. We can play standing or sitting, depending on our preference. If you put your little behind, we advise you to have fun on a seat that allows you to turn 360 °. There are moments that are intense and you have to act quickly. The game plays a lot with our reflexes, so we must always be on our guard and have free movement at all times.

Resident Evil 4 VR Test impressions image (2)And the weapons in all of this? This portage VR invites us to handle revolvers and other rifles with real gestures. To give you an example, take cartridges, insert them into the barrel of your Broken Butterfly and make a movement of the wrist to raise the barrel. And that’s how it is with … everything! It’s ultra enjoyable and immersive. Only “sniper” rifles are not too pleasant to handle since several things must be managed at the same time (zoom, hand to stabilize the weapon, trigger), let’s say it’s a shot to take.

Whether in action, during a rebus or in the inventory, the pads become our hands, the fingers move with ease on the buttons to such an extent that the gameplay becomes instinctive, mechanical and spontaneous after a few seconds. Honestly, everything is extremely well thought out. Well done ! Of course, the scenes QTE are presented. In order not to change, we must perform a manipulation indicated in the lenses. Swing his arms in one direction, perform back and forth movements to run, tap on a good key, in short, nothing too rocket science. The only black spot on the board, these sequences are exhibited on a virtual screen and not in a 3D environment. Too bad.

If you know Resident Evil 4 on your fingertips, you’ll see the end of the tunnel in less than 10 hours; nice thing to take into account, it is possible to skip the cutscenes to get straight to the point. The others, them, discover an oppressive odyssey that inevitably marks the mind, especially in virtual reality. Once finished, what happens? Like any good Resident Evil self-respecting, the player unlocks content (outfits, weapons with infinite ammunition, etc.). We can redo the title with our well-stocked inventory from the start in order to give it our heart’s content, and kill everything that moves around us. Note, during our getaway, that there is also a shooting range to try to win figurines. In other words, the desire to go back is there just to relax a little.

Resident Evil 4 VR Test impressions image 1

What a surprise, but what a surprise! This adaptation allows you to dive back into a known story, under another facet. The VR brings, in addition to all this, a permanent stress different from the basic game. Several passages are overwhelming, brilliant and frightening, giving a real perspective of what the universe of this fourth episode is like. It is a real delight to rediscover this production from this aspect and we did not think we were so fascinated by the result. To be honest, that leaves us dreaming … We would not be against the porting of great classics, with such a rendering, in virtual reality; a visit to the mansion Spencer from the very first Resident Evil, enough to make your mouth water. Either way, our mouths mumbled “more Resident Evil 4?” Pffff ”at the start, finally, Studio armor knew how to give us a slap with a captivating experience drawn from a production exploited to the core. Hats off!

You can get a Oculus Quest 2 on Amazon at € 349.99.


  • It’s really beautiful in VR …
  • Virtual reality brings additional stress, pay attention to your little heart
  • An extremely well thought out handling, completely crazy!
  • The sound that goes around our head, the ears panic
  • The various parameters to avoid headaches, thank you

The lessers

  • … despite some small visual bugs
  • The ubiquitous 2D cinematics spoil the immersion


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