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Friends who own an Oculus Quest 2, one of the main releases of the month arrives on the Oculus Store on October 21. Leaving aside the first-generation Oculus Quest, Resident Evil 4 has been completely overhauled for virtual reality. We find the episode released in 2005 with Armature Studios in development which had the heavy task of updating one of the best games of its time and above all, adapting it for virtual reality. Resident Evil 4 is out this October 21 at a price of 39.99 €

This Resident Evil 4 is a virtual reality remake of the game released in 2005 which at the time revolutionized the series and the genre. Virtual reality requires, today we go with a first person view. But that’s not all since the game has been completely redesigned to make it a real VR game. We will have the opportunity to come back to this later in this test. Very important point for many players, the game is fully subtitled in French and the menus are also translated.

Our Resident Evil 4 video test

Vas-y Léon

You play as Special Agent Leon S Kennedy, sent to Spain by the US government. Your mission is to find and bring back the daughter of the American president who has been kidnapped and held hostage by a mysterious organization. Events that take place 6 years after the Racoon City story of Resident Evil 2.

You will therefore walk through a small and dismal Spanish village and its surroundings for the more than 15 hours that the scenario lasts. And above all, you will meet very special inhabitants as well as unsavory creatures. Two difficulties are proposed and will influence the amount of ammunition you find and of course the difficulty of overcoming enemies. Easy mode is pretty affordable most of the time, but you’ll still have to be careful not to waste your bullets if you don’t want to find yourself using only your knife.

To accomplish your mission, you will have at your disposal several weapons ranging from knife to shotgun, machine gun or rocket launcher. You start the adventure with a pistol and a shotgun but you can buy other weapons with the game currency collected everywhere and by going to the merchant. The specifics of these weapons can also be improved in the same way. The size of your inventory being limited, you will have to organize yourself well to save room for ammunition and various items to heal yourself.

Resident Evil 4 is an ultra complete and varied game. It alternates between phases of action, anguish (but without being super creepy either), phases of solving puzzles, collecting treasures, extensive inventory management and very comprehensive menus with files. help that explains every aspect of the game. Cutscenes that you watch as if you were in the cinema are also on the program.

A remaster worthy of the name!

This is not the first time that a game initially not intended for virtual reality has benefited from a port, but the result is not always there and it necessarily depends on the time, the means and the studio put on. the subject. Here, the port of Resident Evil 4 in VR is quite simply a mastercalss from Armature Studio. We were really amazed by the immense work of adapting the game so that the title seems to have been specially designed for virtual reality.

However, the work was substantial. Transform a 15+ year old game from a TPS to FPS view, include weapon management, physical item inventory in VR, and adapt it all to a standalone VR headset that doesn’t have the power of a PC, the result is astounding!

First, let’s focus on the options for traveling in VR. The developers have provided 3 predefined adjustment options according to your habits and your sensitivity to motion sickness, but you can also completely configure each option. Fluid movement, by teleportation, speed and angle of rotation etc … Everything is there! The game can also be played standing or sitting. For more comfort and to be able to chain hours of play, it is this last option that we have chosen.

Another bluffing point, the management of your equipment and weapons. Half Life Alyx is for many a reference in this field and this Resident Evil 4 has nothing to envy him. When you choose to play seated your handgun is not at your waist but slightly in front of you to the right on a logo to grab. Same for ammunition but on the left side. While some might blame the resulting immersion, this system makes perfect sense when you play seated! No need to twist your arm to grab your gun. For those who would prefer more simplicity as in front of the game on console, it is also possible to choose the option to change weapon from a quick menu. Ammunition management is not automatic and you will have to replace your magazines yourself. If you choose to play standing on the other hand, you will then grab your weapon and your ammunition at the level of your 2 thighs.

A watch on your left wrist tells you the number of bullets and the level of your health. The heavy weapon of your equipment is behind your right shoulder while the potions are behind your left shoulder. Your knife on your chest at heart level and the pomegranates to the right. That’s a lot of elements, but the system is highly functional. Not once have we struggled to catch what we wanted, even when we are surrounded everywhere and a little panicked.

VR interactions are not limited to that and they are very numerous even if they have different degrees of interests. Open the doors, and drawers, type the name of your save on the typewriter and several passages where you will have to shake your controllers to struggle or run.

As for graphics, level of detail of the characters and level design, we feel that we do not have to do with a game of 2021 but the immersion is such that these points take second place. Most players will probably not even notice it.

Verdict : 9/10

If we approached this Resident Evil 4 in VR with a little trepidation, we were quickly reassured by the work provided by the developers. It feels like having a game specially designed for virtual reality when the base episode is already over 15 years old. This is still felt on the graphics but the immersion, the many aspects of the game, the lifespan and the ultra-complete comfort options largely take the upper hand.

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