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Released in 2011 on PC and consoles, the third part of the Volition franchise is entitled to its remaster. The opportunity for DeepSilver to dust off a series that has been in the closet for too long …

The rival of Grand Theft Auto IV may not have been successful, but it still has its fan base. DeepSilver understood this and today gives us a remaster of the third episode of the series, just to prepare the ground before delivering a new opus in good and due form. If he had impressed in his staging in 2011, Saints Row The Third was not considered the best episode of the series. Never mind, DeepSilver chose to give him a quick blow to dust him off.

Technically, the game hasn’t aged that bad …

You can imagine, the main interest of this remaster, it was of course to give a little facelift to the franchise. DeepSilver has put the means there without however retouching the whole game. The developers have concentrated their work on the light effects, entirely reworked, and some 3D models. And visually, it looks pretty good. Saints Row the third is entitled to a nice little facelift that does not completely transcend the game but has the merit of dusting it off. The outdoor environments are much prettier than on Xbox 360 and PS3. For interiors, on the other hand, we feel very clearly the weight of the years … We feel very clearly that the developers have not had the time to rework all aspects of the game. Certain visual elements, such as the rain, are very clearly stained in 2020.

However, the players know that graphic design is not everything. And this remaster pays rather good tribute to its ancestor. Not a jerk to note, the frame-rate is constant. The game has been nicely optimized for current media. It is also delivered to us full-options with its many DLCs, then sold separately. It’s not transcendent, most of the content just adds a few activities here and there, but it’s still a nice bonus. Basically, the game was already quite long with its side quests in shambles and its very nice coop mode. It will take in all between 30 and 40 hours to go around all that it has to offer.

Expect to drive a bunch of cars in Saints Row.

Still, at € 39.99, the addition remains salty for a successful remaster but which is far from correcting the faults of the original game or completely repackaging the title. Especially since the third component is still available in its original version on PC and Xbox 360 (backwards compatible), and regularly sold for a bite of bread. At 25 €, the addition would probably be better spent …

While it is difficult to advise fans to rush on, those who missed the series finally have the opportunity to (re) discover one of the best GTA clones of the last 10 years. Saints Row 2 and its aftermath had managed to impose their style with their very gangsta atmosphere, their confusing action sequences and their barred humor. If he has aged and is not necessarily better than the second opus and its direct sequel, Saints Row the third remains a very fun GTA-like, with its incredible missions completely barred. From the first chapter, you are blown up from a plane in mid-flight, you massacre enemies in free fall, you save your partner and you overturn the plane in free fall through the cockpit. Rarely has a game offered such entertainment. If its missions are still as fun, the controls have however aged badly. The grip of the main character seems very rigid today. The enemies sometimes have completely surreal reactions and overall, yes, we feel that this is a game that was released 10 years ago. But it’s still very fun. And the frank humor of the franchise always hits the bull’s eye.

The main missions of the game are very worked.

We still regret that the developers did not deliver a Saints Row Trilogy to us in place of this unique remaster, effective but which does not deliver a global vision of the franchise and will leave fans hungry.


Pending a new installment, already eagerly awaited by fans, this remaster of the third episode will allow those who missed the franchise to rediscover an episode in a completely offbeat tone. Saints Row the third is one of the best GTA-likes of the past 10 years, though it has aged. His main missions are awe-inspiring, his universe surprises with his offbeat tone, humor is omnipresent and we take a formidable foot to walk the streets of this gigantic open-world playground. Technically, it hasn’t aged too badly. Deep Silver did a nice remastering work by reworking the light effects and some 3D models. The result is rather convincing. The game also comes with all of its DLCs. At € 39.99, this remains a bit light for a game released almost ten years ago. If we don’t necessarily recommend it to fans, this remaster will have the merit of playing catch-up sessions for some…

Saints Row The Third Remastered

Saints Row The Third Remastered

The +:

  • Very rich content: a long and addictive solo mode, co-op and all the DLC offered
  • Nice work on light effects and on entirely reworked models, it’s clean
  • A GTA-like always as fun
  • The strikethrough humor of the series

The – :

  • Gameplay that remains very rigid
  • € 39.99, it’s still expensive for a remaster
  • Not necessarily the best of the series in terms of its script
  • Very limited enemy AI


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