Tet starts working on the internet of the future at 10 times faster speed

“To meet the growing needs and demands of consumers, we have begun work on the Internet of the future – both by testing super-fast Internet for housing and the latest generation of Wi-Fi 6 routers. The number of both optical Internet users and connected devices is growing all over the world – there are several TVs, computers at home, each with its own smartphone. The video resolution is getting higher and higher, and the total amount of data transmission is increasing every year, for example, in 2020 we saw an increase of 13% in Latvia, ”says Uldis Tatarčuks, Chairman of the Board of Tet. “Very soon, with impeccable speed and capacity, 10 Gbit / s Internet will meet the highest requirements of all family members, as well as help promote the creation of new technologies, infrastructure and innovations, following the change of population habits and improving Latvia’s social and economic well-being. The optical network is and will be the strongest technology in the world, which will serve as a basis for many future solutions, including the deployment of the 5G network. ”

The goal of 10 Gbit / s internet development is to improve the internet experience of Latvian residents at home with the needs of internet speed. Along with higher internet speeds, latency or network latency will also decrease, connection continuity, reliability and security will increase. In addition, it is important that, unlike mobile and many other fixed Internet connections, Tet’s super-fast 10 Gbit / s Internet will provide symmetrical speeds – up to 10 Gbit / s for both download and upload.

In the near future, an even faster and more stable Internet will become a necessity, not only for individual groups of society, but also for society as a whole. The quality and capabilities of distance learning and work will improve, the experience of online and real-time video conferencing and video games, remote diagnostics and patient care, as well as the speed of data transmission and the security of connections and data storage.

The fastest and most visible beneficiaries of the Internet of the future will be those who work with large files and data on a daily basis, such as graphic designers, video artists, content creators and, of course, video game enthusiasts. For example, a 4K movie with 10 Gbit / s Internet speed can be downloaded or uploaded in less than 30 seconds.

With the growing amount of data, higher speeds and capacities will also be essential for data exchange and secure cloud storage. Tet’s business survey in 2020 also shows that now almost half of companies (45%) use cloud services and after the pandemic changes in their approach to work, more and more company employees will work remotely, thus creating the need for a particularly fast and stable network. . This only proves that now is the right time to create and implement the Internet of the future.

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