Texas Coronavirus Disaster: “Patients only come out in a body bag”

Hospitals in various regions of the United States were again under stress due to the relentless increase in covid-19 cases and the authorities are multiplying efforts to stop the second wave of the pandemic. Americans fear being in the same situation as Europeans while the average number of new infections per day exceeds 100,000.

Some 62,000 Covid-19 patients are currently hospitalized in the United States, an unheard of figure, according to Covid Tracking Project, an entity that monitors the evolution of the pandemic. But it is in El Paso, a town on the border with Mexico, where the most catastrophic situation is experienced: there are more than a thousand hospitalized against 6,000 throughout the state of Texas.

Texas had the second highest death count in the United States, behind only New York, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. It is the 22nd highest per capita with 69.7 deaths per 100,000 people. Despite that, many Texans are said to be experiencing quarantine “fatigue”.

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“It is a dark time”said Wednesday Ogechika Alozie, Chief Medical Officer at El Sol Medical Center in El Paso In the chain CNN. “The most eloquent word is fatigue. And there is also frustration,” he said. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, asked to use a military medical center to host patients with other diseases in order to have free beds for those affected by the coronavirus.

More deaths

El Paso also reflects the problems to take restrictive measures in a country whose federal government did not give firm directives against the pandemic. Faced with the multiplication of infections, the main authority of the county of El Paso ordered non-essential shops to close for two weeks at the end of October. The measure was immediately challenged by the mayor and also by the Texas attorney general.

The nurse Lawanna Rivers spoke of the “horrible” conditions in the hospitals of Step as the state grapples with one of the worst coronavirus waves in the United States, and inmates were called in to help carry the dead to morgues.

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In a video posted on Facebook on November 7, he said: “My first day of orientation, I was told that any patient who enters the well, only comes out in a body bag. I saw so many people die that I felt like I shouldn’t have died. The policy of this hospital was that they only received three rounds of CPR, which was only six minutes, of all the codes we had, there is not a single patient who has achieved it. “

His shocking statement came as photos taken Saturday show convicts, dressed in personal protective equipment, helping the El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office transport the dead to refrigerated trucks amid a growing death toll. . Inmates were paid $ 2 an hour for that work, reported the Texas Tribune.

Rivers added: “The morgue was so full of bodies that they had run out of space, so once the morgue doors were opened, a body that was already in a bag rolled down. They lined them up with the rest of our living patients, because they had to keep the body there, because there was no room in the morgue. Freezer trucks had to be brought in because there are many bodies ”.

The nurse said that “the only way these patients got out of that place was in a body bag.” “The facility that I am in has surpassed the one I had in New York. I have never experienced anything like this, and I have no words, for what I just experienced in El Paso,” Rivers said.

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Record of cases nationwide

The presidente Donald Trump, who continues to minimize the epidemic, delegated to those responsible for the states and counties, the management of the health crisis. Trump pinned his hopes on the speedy development of a vaccine. The positive results of the clinical trials of the Pfizer laboratory suggest the start of vaccinations in late December or early next year.

Although the number of daily deaths is still far from the high levels of spring, The United States reported more than 1,500 deaths in 24 hours on Tuesday. The first wave of the epidemic never abated in the country, but the pollutions curve had three notable increases. The first in New York in the spring; a rebound in the summer, especially in the south, and a new peak in October with figures never before reached. Records are currently set especially in the Midwest.



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